I REFUSE! So I'm going out on a limb here!

Not sure where to place blame, but a few good notaries have chosen to leave this platform, some closing accounts and moving on all together from this profession. Although I wish them all well, keep this gig on the back burner! Another ride will come, and it will only cost you more in the long run to start fresh, as your future (new) gigs don’t come with any guarantees either. I started the below post (link) several months ago with the sole intention of preventing what I am seeing now. This is disturbing and heartbreaking at the same time to me. There is a defined difference between social media and the good old fashioned “meet, greet, and talk turkey.” The old fashioned way didn’t go anywhere, I just think some are “afraid” of it. I don’t believe for one second that my previous post below wasn’t desired by most, just looking at the conversations we have here, but the one reply I did get was “courage and passion” in my mind, and the desire to connect and succeed.

Taking one for the team here. Even if this post costs me a deletion, or even an account suspension, the value of my intentions on us NSA’s meeting virtually and routinely to help themselves and other NSA’s succeed and grow without “filters” supersedes such. My core values and concern for my peers and their success come first! By no means do I mean any harm to NotaryCafe, but I just have morals and principles I was born with that are just not going anywhere. And you can’t find me on any social media platforms because of that! So if I am penalized for all of this, then I know where I don’t belong!

So here’s the “Turkey:” If this is something you are interested in, and want to connect and keep in touch on the outside, PM me with an email address and your preferred way to meet virtually. I will use the most preferred platform (MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.) and notify all what that platform is and send an invite. Also let me know if you would like to meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Keep in mind of day jobs and time zones, so weekends might be best.
There’s no better time than now to take advantage of an idea/opportunity like this. If I happen to “disappear,” it has been a great pleasure and honor to meet you all, learning from your knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences. We are not going to find what we are looking for by hiding behind a wall.


Maybe they need an “open” forum like I suggested here. Maybe to give them the opportunity to “vent” or “clarify” themselves. We all have experienced what can happen when one misinterprets/misunderstands ones “written” words. That personal/group face to face dialogue is priceless. If we were all “writers” we wouldn’t be here. We would be out selling books!


I enjoy this platform and it’s helped me a lot! I’ve met some awesome people and that alone is enough for me to continue paying my membership and being a member of this community. Of course the fact that I receive jobs from this site is an additional bonus! I hope no one leaves as everyone’s input in regards to being an LSA is very valuable.
I wish a great an awesome recession week!


Giving them what they want is not the answer either. One person shouldn’t wipe out the rest of us and our relationship with you. Keep being you by posting “you.” They respond stupid, just keep it moving. They will eventually starve from lack of attention, resulting in them either tapping out or getting thrown out. What’s concerning to me is that I am aware of the posts you reference with this person, and I have seen some others get flagged for less. Respect and decency, like everything else, is up to interpretation nowadays, so I don’t try and fight it. I simply say my piece, and they can either tap out or come back with something constructive. If it’s not constructive, then I tap out (most of the time) :stuck_out_tongue:


They cannot see private messages you will need to screenshot it and email it to them with your complaint… at least that was what was shared with me when I had somewhat the same issue

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I must admit, I have read this post 3 times, and I have no idea what you are talking about. Somehow, I believe you are talking about talking. But, rather than talking by posting to this forum about things that interest you or you wish to understand better about the NSA business, you have invited people to do so over a virtual portal (like ZOOM or TEAMS). Is that correct? But, not having received a “reasonable” number of responses to that invitation, you surmise it may have something to do with the forum moderators? Rather than a blanket invitation to talk, perhaps you may consider setting up a first meeting and providing a meeting agenda for people to latch on to for a virtual discussion (the “Turkey”). If that’s not it, what am I missing? Because, I don’t get it!


I know some of these methods add a more personal touch to conversations (we had the MS teams with the Census Bureau - you could speak and hear voices). I think that’s his wish - to have a regularly scheduled virtual get-together to toss ideas and experiences around but adding that more personal touch than just the typewritten word allows.

That’s my take on it. I may be wrong and, vvs, if I am please correct me.

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Keeping this short, the mere fact that “you have no idea what I’m talking about” ESPECIALLY after reading it 3 times, is the SOLE purpose (reason) for me posting the suggestion that I did. And yes, I like to TALK!

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BINGO! And if I’m lucky, you picked up on that on the first pass! Thanks!

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But, what exactly is your suggestion? A ZOOM meeting for those who would like to talk? About what exactly?

Don’t forget the Turkey part! Some people don’t like to always talk about business or “stick to a certain topic” I like to call this meaningful and fluent general conversation.

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Okay. But meaningful conversation is usually specific to a subject/topic and general conversation is not. So your suggestion still leaves me a bit confused. Apparently I’m not the target audience. Good luck with your undertaking.

I’m in let me know when and “where” :wink:


@vvs.notary.services …. What you have in mind is a great concept but for me I don’t have enough hours in the day to add one more thing. The idea of having a collaborative environment where people can meet face to face has its advantages and can become labor intensive for you if you are willing to take the lead and responsibility that it entails.

I wish you success if you decide to move forward with it.

Just so we are clear on this, I am not discouraging people from leaving here, nor will I leave here. How many posts got flagged or closed for not staying “on topic.” General conversation is normally and commonly spawned from an initial “topic”. The general conversation portion enhances and expands on the original topic, giving others a clearer understanding of the “topic” being discussed, while clarifying ones intentions and cleaning up interpretations of such, especially in a face to face environment. As we have witnessed here and on other platforms/forums, “moderation” limits the GC via “rules,” which are good, but it doesn’t mean it is desirable, especially when one is trying to get a point across or get something clarified. I really can’t help your confusion (although I’m trying), but maybe your confusion is supporting my point in having such an environment to speak face to face, unmoderated, in hopes of clearing up all that confusion? Not too mention, mentorship is priceless, whether your giving it or receiving it. As an example, one can’t effectively raise and support a child simply by reading a book!
I got 4 on board! Keep 'em coming folks! My goal is 10 to start (it’s a large community here).

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Okay. As I said, I am not your target audience. I’m certain I can’t add anything to your face-to-face meeting(s) that I would not be able to offer (to those interested) by posting to this forum. And I personally don’t feel restrained by moderation and a requirement to “play by the rules” on another person’s court. Different strokes! I’m certain you and your guests will benefit from your online discussions with one another about our shared profession. Good luck.

This will definitely happen (communications 101). A good portion of people feel they can explain themselves more clearly and precisely verbally as opposed to in writing. I am one of them. The verbal is less time consuming. Long threads are a result of misinterpretations and those seeking clarifications. Not to mention those tryin to get their point across by typing around the “rules.”
Thanks for the best wishes!

IMO - sometimes; but I find long threads go off track when people take it off on a tangent (guilty as charged at times) the whole original point of the post gets lost. Have seen it happen many times.

I, personally, find myself better at the written word (posts)…

VVS- this is not to knock what you are trying to do . it may work out well Best of luck

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I hear ya! And thanks for your best intentions on this. Take COVID for example. When companies sent their staff to work from home (and some are still working from home indefinitely), they didn’t push email, written forums or text to meet with their clients, coworkers and supervisors. They pushed and implemented the virtual platforms for the value it has that I presented. Those here who have day jobs know what I am referring too. As stated previously, I think the “off tracking” and “tangents” are significantly minimized when you “hear” someone speak while observing their facial expressions and body language. It’s been to my experience its much easier and quicker to pick up on ones confusion, misunderstanding or misinterpretation in “the moment” then trying to decipher someone’s intentions through their written words in a long, drawn out thread that the author either poorly wrote, and/or the reader misinterpreted or misunderstood.
I’m definitely not trying to encourage “tangents,” but definitely encouraging the opportunity for professional “venting,” as we are all adults here in the same field.

In my mind, written discussion communications is for when something needs to be documented or recorded, like in a CYA scenario (“moderation” is a CYA feature, not necessarily “desirable” as we have seen multiple times here alone). All other talk? Come inside my office or lets meet in the conference room (was the ole’ fashioned way anyway.) Also known as the “dinner table.” As for the sidetracking? You can reign them back in immediately in a meeting at the table. But in order to hear the side trackers concerns, without ignoring them, a meeting place allows for “side” conversations post topic on their concerns as well (which spawns another topic naturally).

For example, someone posted a “topic” on an uptick in their marriage officiant business. I responded with a “marriage related” response that had the words marriage/marry in it, to a topic subject line that had the word “marriage” in it, and it was closed for being “off topic”. Regardless of the reason it was flagged/closed, my goal is not to “define” what a “topic” is. My goal is to hear what people have to say about a particular topic, in an open, professional setting to see where the discussion goes and hear people out.

I guess it all depends on ones communication experience, what their interpretation is of a “discussion” and what their comfort level is on what and how they want to participate in such discussions. Emails, social media and online forums have only been out as long as the internet has (1993 I think). Not that long ago considering where we have been, and how far along we have come as a society and a country prior to it. My concept is why our leaders burn so much jet fuel when meeting with other country leaders! The news doesn’t tell us about the discussions behind closed doors, because they don’t know either. They only know the “topic” (purpose of the trip), but not the “meat and potato’s” of the discussion. As a result, we come to conclusions based off of the “topic” because none of us know anything about the discussion that actually took place.

Sorry for my “rant.” It took me an hour to draft, and I could have knocked all this out in 5 minutes over a cup of coffee. I was just taking advantage of my solicitor, as you are known for providing excellent feedback and meaningful posts!


Thank you, I would be interested.

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