Look Out For Other Notaries

Good Afternoon,

I received a split-signing package from another notary out in California. The other borrower is out in Las Vegas,NV. Prior to the signing, I noticed two (2) signatures were missing. I immediately reached out to the other notary and notified her of the mistakes. While all loan signing documents are TIME-SENSITIVE, I informed the notary to contact the Signing Agency of the mistake.

There is no point for me to send a loan package with missing signatures…regardless of whose fault it is.

Once I completed the signing, the California notary called back and stated her borrower is driving to Las Vegas later this evening. She thanked me for notifying her of her mistake and stated today was her 60th birthday. As a birthday gift, I told her I would contact her borrower and set up a signing location to remedy the mistake. She offered to accept a lower fee but I told her that it is not necessary.

In the end, the Lender received a fully, executed loan package, the Signing Agency received their full compensation, the other notary and I received our full compensation, and I gained a new friend on the way.

While we all do it for the money, ensure you keep your morals and values above it all. Like my mother always said, “You attract more bees with honey than ****.”

Have a beautiful and prosperous week and ensure WE notaries are taking care of each other.


This was a nice deed you done! Thanks 4 sharing your experience!


Good job! We’re in it, so that the borrower/seller can be living the dream.


Thank you for reading it. Hoping to spread some Positive Energy.

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You hit it on the head! :heart:

That was very kind of you to both, let her know of her mistake and take care of the missing signatures on your time. I hope we can all remember that a little kindness goes a long way. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing! I have had some bad experiences helping other Notaries and I’m glad there are still kind-hearted individuals such as yourself.

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Far out. You went way beyond your duty. That’s some good karma, going to come back to you in buckets.

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That’s exactly what she said…KARMA is going to do me right. I appreciate you taking the time and reading it.

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I agree. A little love goes far during days like these. All we have is each other.

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…assuming the missing signatures were not on pages that required notarization.

You assumed correctly.

Very inspiring … thank you NavyCombatVetran

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Thank you for your service and this post

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Much appreciated, Mr. Cooley.

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