Looking For Tips for New Signing Agent

Good Morning,

I am getting started and look for good tips. I am certified in the state of Texas and looking for good companies to sign on with. Any tips you can offer will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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Me too!!! I’m in Mississippi and looking for companies as well.

ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH EACH SIGNING. No matter how mundane it may appear, each company is different and some require less others require more.


Amrock Title
Timios Title

Do you have to be a notary for two years before you can work with amrock ? I’m a new notary in Tennessee.

This is a late answer heathero22 but Amrock wants two years of loan signing experience, not just two years of notary experience.

I have just learned the hard way. 1 Have a back up toner for your laser printer. 2. Extra Large Binder Clips

Had a signing just this past Monday morning. However, when I went to print the docs Sunday night, my BRAND NEW toner started showing as empty. It was barely a week old. This sent me into orbit. Raced to Office Depot, they had just closed. So had to wait until the morning until I could replace the cartridge and then print. Got it all printed, with no time to spare. When I was walking to my car, with documents in tow, I dropped everything… Long story short, I made it to the signing, but was a few minutes late. This little chain of events affected my entire week. If I had been given this advice, I know I would have had a much better week.


What part of MS are you in? Have you any luck with signings?