Nationwide Signing

I did a closing for them back on Nov. 9th and have still not been paid. There was no contact information for them on the confirmation. And their website supposedly had a live support feature on it. I tried that but no one answers on it either. Has anyone else had trouble getting paid by them. Any suggestions?

Did you mean Nationwide Signing Services (NSS) in Tempe, AZ? I did a signing on manufactured loan documents and they paid me exactly 30-days. 15-days before the due date I sent out an invoice saying that the it will be due and payable in 30-days as agreed if not a late charge fee will be assessed. Then one day before the due date I followed-up with them and they paid me via Email as “E-Check Payment”.
Here is the contact person:
Lucas Espinoza- (602) 214-2537 and ask for Jose at the billing department.
I hope this information will help you a little bit.

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I had a similar problem. Did signing on 10/10/2017, had not received anything by 12/30/17. I emailed them requesting payment and received an E-check on 1/2/18. Sounds like they are very slow to pay and only if you pursue them for your payment. The email I used to contact them was

Initially, I had no problems receiving payment on time. But lately, I have had to send a reminder email for payment, a echeck has always arrived same day or next day for sure.
In my reminder, I send a invoice along with my completion report that is generated when you close the loan on their website.

Just keep in mind their billing departments work for them, and if you are a Independent contractor. You or your own billing department! Always send invoices or contact their billing departments when working with agencies for the first time.