New Notary ?s

Hi, I am new here…but I am also new at being a notary. I live in a small town in Texas. I have a few questions and am grateful that I found this site. So here goes…
#1. Can a commissioned notary sign for a refinance package? I recently got a call from a place asking if I was available.
$2. How does it work when companies ask you to sign, do they already have set prices they pay or is it your fee?
#3 What platform should a remote notary use…any recommendations.
#4 Am I better off starting my own website for such remote notary services and if so what company’s offer video/voice recorder options whith a domain
Not sure if I should have broken all these up into different threads, but thank you in advance for any help.

Hello I am new also, I live in Alabama. I’ve signed up for a few signing services also. I been getting orders they been to far to travel from where I live also it always say unavailable. The other sites i haven’t heard anything yet

Hello Everyone,

I am new to being a signing agent. I have been a notary for years. Can anyone suggest a good dual tray laser printer that is cost effective and works for our business? Thanks in advance.