Notary Cloud Signing Las Vegas

Who has worked for this company and your comments welcome. This is my first experience.

Worked for them in the past. But stopped after I had to keep calling in regard to payment that was sent 60 days later.

I had a job with them last month, they seem easy to work with, however it is troubling to hear about another’s experience with payment…I have not been paid yet, so will have to wait and see. My first experience with the company.

I did my first, last, and only signing for this company 7/17/2018. I just received my payment 10/10/2018. Also, once the signing was initially completed back in July I received a call almost 2 weeks later stating the borrowers Social Security Award letter was not returned with the closing docs. I adamantly disputed this because I knew it had been returned. I pointed out the obvious fact why they waited 2 weeks to call me to simply be told that they would look into it. This company is ridiculously unprofessional and waiting almost 90 days to receive payment is totally unacceptable. Do yourself a favor and just say No if they contact you for a closing.

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Still waiting. Promised payment last week. Not in mailbox today

This company is on my DO NOT work list! Had to threaten to get long over due payment.

They called me yesterday to do a refinance application with scan backs – I told them my fee and the lady was so rude to me. Then she hung up on me.

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