Notary Nation issues with signings

I had never taken an assignment from Notary Nation Inc. before this past week. And I will say I will NEVER accept another one. First assignment is scheduled for Saturday Feb 29 (only paying $45 due to it being “just an application) call to confirm, signer says I did not agree to this day for the signing, I have a thing with my daughter at her school that day, we need to do this another day. Okay I let them know she needs rescheduled for Monday March 02, the lady had none of her docs ready, and took over an hour looking for them, even after I kept explaining to her she can send them in herself and besides had another signing scheduled (for Notary Nation also) that I had to have time to get to. Still she kept looking for the needed docs. Finally got her done almost 3 hours! On my way back, I get a text that the 2nd assignment had to be cancelled due to the signer being sick. Okay I told them to let me know when it was reschedule I would do it as long as II was still available. Okay I get the assignment for Thursday 03/03/2020 get to the signers home and she says, I never rescheduled this for today I am still sick s a dog, I told them I would let them know” so back home I go. Now during these two “cheap” little application signing that were more of a pain than they were worth of course passed on sever good paying assignment from companies I have worked for many times. So after yesterdays (mess up by them) I complained to them and they in turn comeback on me and tell me it I was being unprofessional for complaining about it, it was not “their” fault (said the bank said the appointment was set) I told them I was unable to reach the signer and they replied back, Signing is confirmed) and then told me I need to go into another line of work if one little mistake is going to bother me so much. I have spent the better part of 40 years in customer service… I think I know a little bit about how to work with customers. My problem was with their company not the signers! They even had (without) asking if I was still available, put the signing on my schedule again as Saturday 3/720 TBD When I told them I am not available until after Tuesday their reply was It isn’t for Saturday it is TBD! VERY RUDE COMPANY!!!

And now you know - knowledge is a powerful weapon…just FYI

I used to do these - my fee for the application was the same as for the final signing - $100-$125 toward the end of my signing career I even imposed a “payable in advance” condition. Also I would not wait until funding to be paid - suppose the loan never goes through??

Now you know better and you won’t make this mistake again. Review your business plan and adjust it accordingly - also your client list. There are good companies out there - $45 for an app? Not even on a good day.

Good luck with this.


Thank you. I do not normally take these but had a very slow week the week before so I thought this little bit would help, first time and last time especially with that specific company. Average around here seems to be $75 - $90 and I am good with that, quite often it is more too. I have definitely learned my lesson for this one.

I won’t walk out my door for $45.00. Period. I have done many many applications, and the majority of them take as long as any regular signing. Especially the Reverse Mortgage applications! If you deduct your print cost, gas and time, etc, your lucky if you made $10.00 of that $45.00. McDonald’s is paying $14.00 an hour!!


Wow! $45? :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

2 hours +, and there were multiple pages that had to be filled out by hand by the borrower.

I do application signings $125.
I also get $125 for the final signing as well.
$45 is way too low.


Good for you!:clap::clap::clap::clap::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: