Notary signing cell phone apps

I have several companies I work with that contact me by an app on my phone. I try to get to them as soon as I hear them. It seems someone else is quicker at getting them. Any suggestions on what I should do? I am missing some good ones.

I have the same problem. All I can suggest is to keep trying. Some other companies use email or text. Plus they always catch you when you are driving. But I keep trying to answer first.

Thank you rsbks6. One thing I am thought of last night is to put the same ring tone on each I have so I know it is a signing, and take off my screen lock so I can eliminate some time.

It is a cat & mouse game. You have to keep trying to score first.
Some companies automatically assign the first responding notary, some companies wait, see all the responses and pick their “preferred notary”… So how to become their “preferred notary” .
You have to keep trying and have patience. One of the days , their “prefered notary:” is unable due to some reason or has had enough of the ridiculously low pay & credit terms for payment. Now is the chance for new victims.
This is how many notary signing agencies operate.
I am sorry, but dont mean to be discouraging, but that seems my experience


Thank you, I am going to get better at being quick.

What I do is give the companies two email address. One is yahoo and the other is Gmail. I have a notification ring on both. Gmail is faster than yahoo, but I receive a double ring together. That lets me know that it is a signing. In the car I have a cell phone holder, so I can see and respond to my email quickly. My novation system is a separate unit. My regular clients wait for me to respond before the signing is assigned to another signing agent.

Hi, I don’t think someone else is quicker, I’ve had some I answered and I get a message saying “this order is no longer available” and then a few minutes later I get the email letting me know I’ve been assigned to the order. I think they choose whomever they want and not the quicker one.

Different agencies follow different process. Some agencies, It automatically assigns who ever answered first.
Then they probably responded NO or the scheduler manually re-assigned.
Then the next in line get it. or manually picks out one.

In some cases, i have been assigned after few hours or next day for a assignment out in future.

What is Notary signing cell phone?