Notifications Answered but Signing is already Booked

I was literally staring at my phone when a notification for a refi in my town came in. I responded right then and there, and it was already booked within seconds.

Is this how it is? I’m getting really discouraged in Central Florida.

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Your cell service probably has something to do with it. To answer the question you asked…yep, this is how it is when you’re working with platforms.


When I answer I get reply immediately, if answered within the 1st or 2nd minutes. I don’t know if it helps that my cellphone company is Verizon.

I’m in Central Florida also and yes you have to be quick. The assignments are snapped up pretty quickly on the platforms. Don’t get discouraged. You will have a signing soon enough. Sign up with as many companies as possible and I’m sure the work will come.


Thank you, I’m in Central Florida.