On being ready when the telephone rings!

I have started to keep a notebook/calendar with me at all times. I have my cell phone map app at the ready to look for the location of the job being discussed so I can calculate how far away it is. I envy inner city CSAs - living in the outer suburbs (and I mean outer!), travel can be a big expense. Twice in the last week I have had calls for 25 mile rides that would take place in an hour, and the caller wants me to print the documents - it is so hard to say no to a job. Be ready to ask the questions: who, what, when and where (and how many pages) - and have a place to write it all down!

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This is very good advise! The most important thing you can do Always, is to answer your phone. Carry your phone with you no matter where you go, including next to the shower when you are in there. Over the years I have actually taken assignments with shampoo in my hair.

For newbies this is crucial. By not answering your phone you may not just be missing out on one assignment but the beginning of a whole relationship with a company trying to hire you for the first time.

This need to answer the phone is demonstrated in a video I made which you might want to look at. The link is:


Very good advise! I was not answering my phone many times because I was at work. I thought whoever was trying to contact me to do a signing would leave me a message. Then I found out that they won’t do that; rather, they will just go on to the next person on their list. I realize now that I probably missed hundreds of possible assignments by doing that.

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Ditto on having a personal calendar near you at all times to schedule the appointment. Also, I have empowered my wife to answer my phone when I am away from my desk and she can book appointments for me.

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I can’t tell you how many assignments I’ve gotten while walking my dog. Your cellphone should be glued to your hip :slight_smile:


Or like yesterday - I redo correct. I wasn’t the original notary but signing service says its a DOT with a few docs, OK. Turns out its Amort Sched 15 pages as well. Now why would that be in there???

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Fabulous information!!!

A lot of companies will give you two rings then hang up and go to the next notary. You have to be quick on the draw in this business:grin:

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