Signature Closers Signing Catch App Question

So I get these daily emails for available signings from Signature Closers asking me to respond via the catch app if I am available to do signings. I log into it and there is no place where I see the ability to say I am available. I log onto the website and don’t see where the notifications are or even how to accept them. Can anyone please point me in the right direction… Am I missing something? On the App, I only see if it has been assigned and it’s the only page I see with no other options.

I get the same and considering deleting app. They send email but by the time you open it, it’s gone. Good luck!

Umm yeah I had the same issues with them… I say try calling them after you receive the notification and say that you received the notification but the app glitched but you would love to complete the order sometimes they will offer it to you or at least consider you for the next signing…


I tried that on the first notification I received. I will try that on the next one. I reached out to their support staff and explained the issue they said that I would only see it if assigned to me. I explained that there is no way to actually accept or decline anywhere on the app itself.

It will be at the top of the app if it is still available. They go lightening fast, so it could be by the time you open the app that the signing has already been accepted and is no longer available.


You cannot accept an order through Signing Catch app. It’s only to manage your assignments.

The only way to catch offers is to make sure your the email notifications on your phone are on. You accept or deny through the email link only.

Think most of us have had a time with that app. It’s not clear it’s only good for monitoring assignments. I’d be so frustrated when it never notified me and then I’d find 3-4 emails.

Good to know… thanks.

I accept through the app all the time.


Right on ! The way above is the only way I’ve managed to get it to “work” for me. I fiddled with it for days and was the best I could manage. You have the magic touch.


I use to have problem to accept signing from them through the email as well.I just use the app and it make it easier to accept any signing they send.