Signing Services calls

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a trend and wonder if anyone but me is experiencing this. I’ve been accepted a few assignments from companies I’ve never done business before. ( and yes I do my research and screening after accepting). Before they assign me the job I get a phone call… first question is “ Can you tell me how many signings you have completed?”

Followed up with what type of printer do you have?

Am I the only one getting this call?

Have experienced a little bit of a similar thing here … companies I have never heard of which makes one a little nervous when you can’t find any research on this forum or others. Wonder with a bit of trepidation, if they are folks are reinventing themselves from other SS recently closed?? Have my fingers crossed I am going to get paid on a couple of them, and I am going to be more judicious and interview them in return, on the next offers accepted or countered and awarded…


I always make a note of the number that they call me from which is often different from what is showing up on the confirmation order.


I am running into a lot of remote working schedulers (dogs, children background noises), as many as 3-4 different schedulers making offers over the course of a few weeks, for the same SS, and their cells are often different than the Office # on the SO confirmation or Confirmation email.

I had one scheduler recently call and acknowledge when I asked who they are… respond “you might know me from XYZ company because we own that one too and you are on that preferred list”. I felt Ok (at the time) with it because I always got paid at 30 days with the other company. We’ll see…


What I have noticed with interviewing the company back is the hesitation in answering my questions. They only gave so much information to take the signing and expect me to know basic things about the company. I always like to know where my information was found and about the company. I know there busy, but I like to know who will be answering my phone calls and if I will be working with someone different then who calls me.

I just weave it in the conversation as best i could. " Yes id be happy to assist you with that signing, light traffic that day, nice weather here in… how is the weather where you are…? 9 out of 10 times they say… its … here i … …lol

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Most of those companies that call you and ask you how many signings you’ve completed these can be great relationships for current and into the future.
They found you either on the nna website or a different website and they’re just as cautious as You are.
Feel privileged you got the call.