upgraded job board

Hello All… I just logged into my account on and noticed a new feature called Job Boards. Has anyone paid for the upgrade and do you notice an increase in signing opportunities as a result of purchasing the upgrade?? Thanks in advance!


I have been on signingorder since their inception. I upgraded as soon as they offered it. After a year, I matched the volume of offers to the 12 month period prior to the upgrade. There was no change.


Is the job board allowing you capture the jobs? I have said yes to hundreds of jobs on the job board with little response. Is there something I am missing. I get jobs all day from signature closer or direct from SnapDocs. Any idea?


Just checked my page. My current orders are there… the usual pages…

No “job board.”

Yes, I have an upgraded listing.


I joined the Job Board, I pay monthly fee for it, but I seem not able to capture the jobs, still new at it though, I trying one month at a time just to see if works for me,

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If you are on at NNA and this website, you should not need to pay for anything else.


I am on Signing Agent and an NNA member. I’m just trying out Signing Order for a month because although I choose the jobs listed they never choose me, I’m thinking they have their preferences on their job board, guessing though. I also emailed their support and asked them why is it that I chose a job by marking YES I’m available and when I check my history reply it reads NO, also when I choose a job in my city, I go to my history reply and it reads a totally different city that I did not choose. Anyone having this issue, I’m thinking maybe they have a glitch in their system?


Hi Debra, it looks like the upgrade doesn’t guarantee more signing opportunities that come your way, it just gives you unlimited amount of “replies”. For the free plan you only can respond 10 times with your availability. Hope this helps. I just saw the Job Board today from another post on here so we will see how it goes.

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Yes it explains some what, but I don’t have the free plan, I have the upgrade unlimited plan. I just recently purchased it to see how it works, and every time I choose a job I never get it, and there’s times I chose a job but on reply history it’s marked a different city, or I choose a job YES I’m available and I go in my reply history it reads NO instead of YES. I hope your following what I’m saying!

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200 jobs+ I have accepted and I received 0…I get jobs from signing order but not from the job board. Not convinced it really works like we imagine it working.


Oh wow! That’s good to know not to sign up for the upgraded job board!

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Well I’m giving it the benefit of doubt, I do get requests and I do get signings but not through the job board, and quite not as much like I do with Snapdocs.

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Yup, I’m trying the job board for a month and if I can’t capture a job, and if it continues to say in history reply No instead of Yes, and another city I didn’t choose, I’m deleted my upgrade, not worth the money,

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I joined a couple of weeks ago,
I noticed that jobs have a posted time an hour before they show up. That pretty much means I really don’t stand a chance at receiving one.
I emailed them yesterday, and they were quick to respond, but gave me an answer that had nothing to do with my email about the posting times.

In my profile, I noticed that their time zones are backwards. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking that may be why many of the job postings already have an X showing they’re not available, when I’m able to see a new posting.

If you don’t mind me asking how much are your fees? Thanks

I replied to over 300 never got one so I believe this is not working

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I upgraded with signing order a month ago. I have received 3 orders so far. So, it pays for itself right now. I’m giving it a 90-day trial and then I’ll decide.

Yeah, I thought it was me, but when you do say that your are available and check the next day it is no longer available. I said that I was going to give them a month’s time and if I do not receive an order I"m going to cancel my membership with them.

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for the insight. Quick question… The orders that you received, did you get the loan packet emailed to you right away? Or did it come electronically a few hours before the actual confirmed signing appointment with the client?

Thank you in advance for any additional insight you may be able to provide…

Curious to know, I’m part of all 3 how long would it take for a call? This is my first time.