Slow down in Closing?

I am in Charlotte NC. I have not received a call nor text about a signing in months. Have anyone else experienced this? Or am I missing out on some calls?

It’s slow everywhere. Just saw this a little while ago: Business is slow in va state

The advise I’ve been given is every industry ebbs and flows…stick it out. :slight_smile:

Wow, months? Perhaps your area is saturated with NSAs. Consider your marketing techniques.

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Same here dead dead dead on Charlotte. A few from.snap docs and a few from other companies outside of snap docs but dead compared to previous months

The month of April is always slow to me every year in the signing business. Not sure if tax deadlines have anything to do with it. Make sure you are signed up with services like Notary Café, NNA that get your information out there.

Really slow here in north Texas as well…taking the time to work in my garden! :wink:


Great attitude! That’s self employment… stay positive, and keep on truckin’.