TX Notaries

Is it just me, or has business pretty much come to a standstill since SNOVID-21? I’ve only had 3 assignments since the beginning of the month. I thought early March would be busy, because we were iced in a few weeks ago. Is this just an Austin phenomenon, or is this happening everywhere in TX right now?

Same here as I’m in the Dallas FT Worth area. I’m a newbie and part time so I sort of expected that but not this slow. I’ve had my license for almost 45 days and I only had 1 signing and 4 request. I’m hoping it will pick up in my area. Reading through the forums, it says it could take up to a few months for all your information to cycle through with the SS. Fingers crossed.

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I do this full-time. I got a seller closing today, and a split-closing Refi tomorrow. I didn’t have anything yesterday, and only a partial closing on Monday. I’m accustomed to the first two weeks of the month being slow, but this is extraordinarily slow. I don’t usually have a day go by without something unless I decide not to work that day. :thinking::thought_balloon:

GM! It’s June and I believed work had picked up. I have my 2nd signing on tomorrow. My 1st the borrower had a medical emergency on the day I was scheduled to sign. Do you have any insight or pointers on how to market to Title Company’s or Attorney office? I’m South Dallas Ft Worth Area. Ty.