Take time to be grateful

We are facing real tough times right now and I must say that I am truly grateful for the quick direct deposits from Bancserv and Amrock. I rarely do signing for Bancserv but when I do I appreciate their prompt payment always.

I don’t think they read my email but I sent them a thank you note anyway to let them know how much I appreciate their prompt payment.

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I’m grateful for the GNW money I made yesterday! CASH! CASH! CASH!


ka-ching, ka-ching! :clap::raised_hands::+1::+1:

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How do you feel about Walgreens offering notary service at their stores across the nation? My husband said the one near us has $5 notary fee sign! Yikes!

I dont think many in Oklahoma know about Walgreens. Walgreens doesn’t pop up when looking for a notary yet. I dont think it’s going to make much of an impact since we still get work even though people can go to their banks or ups for notary services.

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Good point!!! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Sometimes I think Walgreen’s wants to be everything to everybody. I don’t know how they’re set up, but I sure as heck wouldn’t take my documents to a Walgreens and have some stock clerk stop what they are doing to review my documents and apply a stamp. WG’s notaries must be doing something else on the floor or in the warehouse while they are not doing notary work.

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Good point! I wouldn’t either!

I’ll be grateful when they pay the appropriate amount for our line of work.

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You wait for it. Send me a note when they reach the ‘appropriate’ amount.

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Somebody on here said that we need to form a union for these companies to be fair to us.

All this talk about unionizing really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Every state has different laws governing notary work. Some states only allow attorneys to do this kind of work. Fees vary greatly. Besides all that, what leverage would we have over SS/TC/EC/Lenders? Go on strike? Work slowdowns? Unionizing would just drive those companies to hire/train their own notaries and crush the independents like most of us.
Nah, unionizing is a fool’s gambit in my mind. We can’t even reach agreement on what printer to use on this forum; imagine trying to bring 10,000 notaries together on almost any issue other than fees.
Just me talkin’ out loud. Never been a union kinda guy, I guess. No dues, no shop steward, no political pressure. No work rules. Yeech.

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Independent Contractors are…well…independent…and so I don’t think they can form a union.


I just want to take this time to say that I am so grateful to be an NSA.


We know! We know! Your the best and you love us as long as we’re not in Colorado :joy:



How did they find you?

FASS are sending payment with 3 days.

Google My Business page

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I don’t wanna be found! :joy: