The closer llc games they play

Is it me or does it seem like if you decline a signing because the fee is too low they will send out another notification with a hire amount but won’t assign it to you?

They’ll send out orders until someone takes it or if they accept a counter offer. I’ve declined plenty with a counter offer and have been called a couple minutes later.

In my area, their offers are always super-low and they tend to keep re-sending same offer a few times and then might increase it by 5 or 10 bucks, but don’t ever seem to accept a higher counter. Then an interesting thing often happens…other signing services will get the same order and most of them will accept your higher counter. So it seems to me that due to The Closers greed, they lose out on any profit. I have had many ‘same-signing’ counters come thru another SS at $125, $150 where The Closers would not go over $95.