Title Calls

Anyone else noticing an increase in Title companies calling to confirm you have the docs and to ensure you have their direct information in case any issues arise during the signing? I kinda like that they are doing that now.


Well, that’s because you are special!

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Oh no! That is sad and unprofessional.

I’m curious why they were calling you about it - were the borrowers not advised of their 3-day rescission period? And why not ask title about the status, not you! Your job ended when you dropped that package (basically, except for tracking).

Just curious


Yea, I agree…I need 20

I don’t know! I think she was more worried about customer not sign the docs! And I asked her if she was able to see the status on her end that the loan has been completed and dropped! She can’t see the status on her end. I guess some company the loan officer cannot see the status of the closing? I don’t know!

Think she’s new!

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