Uninstalled Microsoft Edge

Has anyone else had to Uninstall
Microsoft Edge? I have had the worst time with them this week. First the docs would only print double side even thought the settings said one side. Then I had it out with a rep from a title company because I kept telling her that the docs were coming across with letter missing
we know title has two t’s… All the t’s would be missing off the page. I was basically playing wheel of fortune trying to figure out which letter I should fill in Even as a pdf file it would do this. I went to Uninstaller Microsoft edge so that I only print from chrome. 2 hour process on a desktop and laptop. MICROSOFT IS GOOD FOR NOTHING BUT THEIR OFFICE PRODUCTS!!!

Web browsers (which is what Edge and Chrome are primarily designed for) tend to lean towards giving you a good “reading” experience of a PDF, and are not so much concerned with formatting differences, nor honoring margins/fonts/etc.

You might find that using a purpose-specific PDF app will give you more reliable results when dealing with docs. If you can’t justify an Adobe Acrobat subscription (the leaders of the PDF game), then I can suggest Sumatra PDF reader. It is light-weight yet feature-filled. I used it for many years before getting a sub for Photoshop/Premiere that included Acrobat as well. On Android, I use EZ PDF Reader… which has an impressive feature set as well.


I always changed my Microsoft Edge settings to download the docs and read them with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The answer from jester about using Adobe Acrobat is overkill for many of us. If you don’t need to change the documents, you don’t need Acrobat, just Reader.