WARNING: Notary ASAP practices are questionable at best

Has anyone ever work for Notary ASAP? I completed an assignment for them back in October of 2020 and have yet to be paid. I asked via Snapdocs if this was one of those that a notary will not be paid for, sent them an invoice via Venbooks and this is what I received after “Notary ASAP Inc sent Check #10326 on December 19, 2020” But the notes show another date " Notary payment sent by Christy Andrade Dec 28, 2020 at 5:08pm EST. Still after numerous notes and invoices I have yet to be paid or advised of where this ghost check is. I want to reach out to the Company, Bachus and Schanker, that hired them (This lawfirm has offices in 4 states so its hard to pinpoint which office Melissa McCormick works for) as well as the BBB. Any thoughts on how to resolve this without filing a complaint.

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Over the years (across multiple directory websites) I’ve seen posts similar to yours. Reach out to the Title Company for this Real Estate transaction and advise them of the situation. Ask for their assistance/suggestions about compensation for professional services successfully provided.

Also, do a Search within this forum as there have been many excellent & professional effective suggestions provided over the years. :slight_smile:

Here’s some contact information for Lisa Harrow/Notary ASAP

817-310-5200 Phone
817-980-2641 Cell

RE/MAX Trinity II
121 Countryside Ct Ste 120
Southlake, TX 76092
(817) 310-5291
(817) 980-2641
(817) 980-2631

They pay within three months. Don’t expect it any sooner. That is how they roll.

Well I talked to Christie today and she says its accountings fault and they should have it resolved today.

Thanks everyone for your great advice. Take care

I am going through the exact same thing with them currently. They are 49 days out on paying me. My signing was on 6/9/21. I sent them an email asking for payment with a new invoice yesterday and they emailed me back saying they sent me a check.
"This check was issued on 6/29 with check number 5477. It was delivered to the address provided on Snap Docs (Private - not posted). I never received any check from them.
I sent them another email telling them that they need to check their bank to see that I never cashed the check because I never received it. I have yet to get a response.
I will update later. I have a feeling after reading multiple reviews on here that they are very shady. I hope I get paid.

I have been struggling for resolve since March 2022…It is still in progress

If three months is the norm for them then they are really behind. I have been reaching out since March of this year and it is currently August. It is still being worked out I have not given up hope.

Sorry to read that you’re experiencing payment difficulties.

This company (ASAP Pro, Notary ASAP) is well-known for these tactics. See my post above:

Many of the seasoned professionals & sages like myself strongly recommend performing a Search utilizing the Magnifying Glass prior to working with a business that is new to you.

Here is an image of the elusively invisible Magnifying Glass to assist you:

I performed a quick Search of the GOLDMINE within the Notary Cafe Database and found there are 100s of threads on this topic:



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Unfortunately I have fallen into this trap as well! I have 3 invoices from 2019 to current with this signing company that have not been paid! Does anyone have suggestions for a collection agency that doesn’t charge huge fees? I’ve tried contacting all of the people listed on their Snapdocs profile via email and phone and have received no responses! The only other tactic that I have yet to try is: Accepting one of their signings, then wait for the introduction call from the client rep. (usually Bachus and Schanker) or call the client rep directly if their info is listed, and then let them know that Notary ASAP does not pay their notaries, that payment will have to be arranged with me directly and to cancel the contract with Notary ASAP, send the docs directly to me and I will do the signing for a better price than they are currently paying through the signing agency. Yes, this may spark some action on their part and I am not ashamed to advise anyone else that deals with this company to do the same. Hopefully their clients will get a foul taste of Notary ASAP and decide to take their business elsewhere. :wink: