What is the average wait time before I start receiving signings?

Since I’m a newbie, I am at the point where I am waiting on work. I wanted to see how long did it take before you all received your first signing and what platform did you receive your signing from. I’m so far signing up with Snapdocs, Simple Signing Solutions, Notaries to You. I think I maybe a little to anxious but I wanted to know the average wait time for some of you.

Well, first, business is down considerably due to increased interest rates. (Nobody is much excited about doing a refi from 4% to 5.5%). Second…how much competition do you have for the reduced business available? 3. Think you need to do more ‘signing up’ with companies who maintain their own database and don’t use a ‘how-low-will-you-go’ platform.

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It seems as if I’m in a very slim market area for signing agents, so I look at that as a good thing. This is just my first week but I hope that things start up soon.

Amesha, go to Notary Rotary. Com, click on find a notary tab, plug in your zip code and do zip code search from there. You have quite a bit of competition around you and that’s just the notary that are listed on that website.

A zip code search here shows only 5 notaries listed - that just means only five are listed on this site; there are quite a few more listed elsewhere. Do a search on 123 also.

This site, Notary Rotary and 123Notary are considered the “Big Three” - the most popular and productive sites to list on. There are dozens more directories out there (including signing agent.com) - not all notaries are listed on all sites and not all sites are worth the investment. You’ll need to gauge your marketing dollars by asking folks, when they call “where did you find me?”

And marketing is your key - market market market. Get your name out there. Yelp listing, newspaper ad, any free local advertising you can do - website, FB page, get out with your business cards and put them wherever you can (grocery stores, convenience stores, nursing homes, title offices, assisted living facilities, etc etc). Also, get a basic listing (for now) on Notary Rotary go to Signing Central and start contacting 3, 4 and 5 star companies listed there - try to get in the door as their “go-to” notary.

And when you’re done with all that - rinse and repeat - do it again…and again…and again.

And before you do all that - get an EIN - never never never give out your social security number.

Hope this helps