Where to Gripe- Google Listings & Yelp

If it makes you feel better. These companies are all mostly listed on Google and on Yelp. Posting detailed stories about them on those forums will get to the right people---- their clients! It will also help other notaries who google those companies not to do business with them. For instance. If you can’t find them on Yelp or Google for Business. Both of the sites allow you to create a listing and start reviewing it. And this is even more powerful to hit them where it hurts if they aren’t paying you because their customers will see your complaints and if enough notaries do this then it’ll be bound to get to their clients eyes as well. If they lose the business that’s their fault. It should be a priority to gripe on these sites. Make sure to use their name, their business type, and their wrong doings and rate them as low as possible. And if they ever call you tell them you need interest on the amount owed to remove the review or change it to a fair one.

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