X Marks The Spot Signing Services, Inc. upgrade for $9.99

Has anyone paid the $9.99 to have 20 additional zip codes?

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No… if you’re in an unsaturated area, they’ll find you. If in a saturated area, a closer notary will get/take the job long before they get to you. Not fact, just my opinion.

I don’t think it does make a difference. You can always try and keep track, its a low fee. Then come back here to report of its worth paying the extra $. :wink:

I wouldn’t pay any signing service a fee for “20 additional zip code.”

I just paid the fee last week as a trial for myself. One thing I do like so far is that they do not notify you of jobs when you are not available. Other companies still send notifications despite your schedule saying not available. I will post an update once my three months are up.

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The $9.99 for the zip code upgrade is not paid to X Marks the Spot, that is paid to the website platform they’re using. When you activate your profile with SigningOrder.com you can pay $9.99 to have 20 zip codes added to your profile so that when signing services send out their job offers you can be notified. The way the assignments come over makes it look like the website belongs to the SS but it doesn’t. If you go to www.signingorder.com you will see that it’s a website that you can sign up with your credentials just like SnapDocs but the big difference is that the companies that use this platform typically pay $100 for a signing because it doesn’t cost them as much as SnapDocs.

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Got a reverse signing from SigningOrder a couple of weeks ago. So I was encouraged to try the upgrade for $9.99 and added the 20 counties to my coverage area.
Since then, I haven’t got a single signing offer. Probably they were smiling when the processed my payment. TOTALLY BS.
Dear folks, I came with one conclusion, DO NOT PAY TO GET SIGNING OFFERS!!! Arichter mentioned it one day but I didn’t listen🙄

EXPERIENCE… is what you gain when you don’t get paid (also when you pay to be listed in obscure directory sites.) SigningOrder is a less popular platform used by a few hiring parties, so it might get you an order or 2 eventually. But I think that hiring parties who use platforms can control the search (going out in ever-increasing radius if they have no local takers). Problem with that idea is they do NOT seem to increase the offered fee to account for add’l miles/time/gas. So you are forced to counter–which still works in their favor as they will look 'em over & pick the cheapest. This last statement is based on–you guessed it–experience.

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Agreed. If they were successful in their business, then they wouldn’t collect pennies from notaries. Should have thought about it first. (Paid experience).

Yup. Exactly what ^ she said!