About The Notary Spot

Has anyone heard of The Notary Spot? I did a few signings for them last year but I got never paid for my last signing. They don’t answer emails or the phones anymore.

Beware of the Notary Spot. They will not pay you. There are several Notaries like myself that got burned by this company. Stay away!!!1

If you like working for FREE, then this is the company for you…

Criminals. I had same problem so I threatened to call Title. They FedEx’d my Check.

They haven’t paid me for a signing done Apr 4, 2017. Their phone numbers don’t work and SnapDocs was of NO help. I’m trying to reach the lender but w/o the address of the property, they’re no help either. This will be my 1st write off of a signing company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE NOTARY SPOT!

Never take a job from that Felony Factory! They stuffed me $250 which is a major fraudulent crime here in Mass!

Another company that is still having major financial problems for over a year. They aren’t paying and I wouldn’t expect to be paid.

They have been owing me for over a year. I have tried all collection attempts, including a collection agency and nothing. Title and SnapDocs say that it is between me and him (Michael Tomlinson). I’ve written it off but I don’t understand why the industry does not take these matters more serious as we are very critical to this process. We are required to have more and more training and licenses, etc. and yet we have no protections/support against these companies when we don’t get paid. You can take them to small claims court but I did this with another company who shortly after, filed bankruptcy and so that became a wasted expense on top of what was not paid for the closing. I’m exhausted with collections.

Sad side of the business. I’ve done a couple signings for Notary Spot, I think I got paid, but you’re giving me the jitters

Just like credit card companies report late payments/no payments to the Credit Bureau when people don’t pay their credit cards there should be a way for us notaries to report these companies.