The Notary Spot Payment

I’ve completed some signings for them; people there are nice and helpful. However, a job I completed the week of Thanksgiving, I did not rec’ve payment untill the 1st or 2nd week in Jan. They said that the person who signs the checks went on vacation for the holidays before the checks were cut. Although unexceptable , I had no choice but to wait. I should mention that they agree to pay within 30 days. Although they do not pay what I usually get, since they have been giving me steady work, I have accepted. I have never had a problem with any signings on my part. I am having a problem getting paid. I have 10 unpaid signings, 4 are close to 40 days after signing. When I inquire, they tell me the checks were mailed, but each time I am getting different date of mailing. I do believe I will rec’ve payment…sooner or later…I have a signing coming up on Monday the 7th, which I have mixed feelings about. I don’t want to be unprofessional and cancel, but I do want to be paid for my service…any advice??? your thoughts???

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Email them everyday. I haven’t had a problem. But the best thing to do is email and call. Record each time you do

I would either call or email them and tell them that you cannot take any more signings from them until you are paid for all the past signings. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that you are going to continue to work without getting paid again and your unpaid invoices will keep multiplying. Cut your losses now.

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I see the same complaint over and over. you are a business first of all, stop doing the work for free. I do not understand why you keep doing the jobs. you need to run the notary business as a business, get more clients. you are in business for yourself, accept that first and then structure the business as such. to all notaries in the sames situations, move on, collect your dues and keep on moving.


****if you aren’t getting paid chances are others aren’t either. The concern I have is do they have financial problems? They want us to sign at the exact time, but when it come to paying us some don’t care. There is the concern that they may go out of business. If you refuse to do more closings until paid, they may move on and not want to pay even more.

You can always tell them you have another closings at the time they give you. This way they won’t take you off their list. The other thing I have found that has worked is calling the title company and tell them you are having a problem collecting…

Check Notary Cafe and Notary Rotary to see if others are having trouble collecting from this company. When you get a signing from a new company check to see if late paying. This can be a reason they are calling you because others are turning them down. Maybe they just don’t do many closings in your area, or maybe they don’t pay well. Good Luck. If nothing works keep calling and get the name(s) of those you speak with. If they get tired of you calling maybe they will pay. It has worked with me. Fill up their answering machine.

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I did a signing in Nov for the notary spot and did not get paid till second week of Feb. that was with constant calling and emails. Then i finally get in touch with the owner for him to tell me they were going to 90 day pay. I was like WHAT? How can you just do that without any warning? These are peoples money you are holding hostage cause you cant manage your accounting dept. a call a few weeks later i speak to a woman there who tells me they had to fire their accountant and that my check was on the way. I finally got my check but now when i see the notary spot i dont take it. Like a lot of people i use this job as a big part of my income and my bills need to be paid on time. For the little they give us and the amount they make on signings there shouldnt be any reason why theycant pay us on time. It only takes one time to leave a bad taste. Im having the same issue now with doc pros and asap pro!

When I was young my Dad was self employed. I remember him saying 'It is easy to fail in business; there is no point in working for free so you can fail quicker."

Have you set payment terms for your business? Do other businesses that you work with set terms for you and your business? Do your credit cards allowing you to pay when you want to or when you get back from vacation? Do they penalize you for slow/late payments?

My terms, which are stated on my invoices, stipulate that payments are due Net/15 days; and accrue 2% per month interest on past due invoices. ALWAYS send an invoice even if they say they don’t need one. Your credit cards send you an invoice/notice even if you say you don’t need one. Do they know something about business that you don’t?

No matter the business, you have to train your customers. Train them to pay in 15 or 30 days and they will; train them to pay in 45, 90, or 120 days and they will (maybe).

Set your standards; train your customers and they will become great customers. Incidentally, TC and SS are your customers; you are not their customer. It is easy to determine who the customer is; they are the ones that pay for the service/product that is provided.


PS: Sometimes I offer to wait 90 days for payment. I tell the person, I’m speaking with, I will wait 90 days for my paycheck if (s)he agree to wait 90 days for her/his paycheck. The light usually turns on, for them, and they say they can’t wait that long to get paid. Ditto!!!


Notary Spot was the first company I ever did a signing for. I have always been paid, usually within 30 days. Once, I was paid at 40 days. But the usual is 30 days.

Ask them to pay you via PayPal, and after you see the $ in the PayPal account, you can do the next closing. PayPal is immediate, only takes a couple of minutes for them to put the money they owe you in the account.

if they have not paid for 10 of them, you should have gotten the message by now, I would not worry about being unprofessional, what do you think they are.

This is how NSA’s are duped into believing that volume is better by accepting lower fees. On top of that, they are not even paying you as they are required to or as they say w/in 30 days. I wouldn’t do another closing until I was paid for EVERY single closing, get up to date first or you may end up using a collection agency to get the rest of your hard earned money. Good luck to you.

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I have done 5 jobs for them via snapdocs. I have not had a.problem getting paid.

There are many nsa’s that haven’t gotten paid from this company, since June. Perhaps try sending an email to the title companies and cc this company. Sometimes this helps.

Also seeing lots of reports of those payment checks bouncing…

I wish I had done my homework before I ever did any work for them. I got lots of work at the beginning of the year, then in June they stopped paying. I had 5 unpaid invoices from them. After some bugging, they paid for 2, but nothing on 3. Of course after June, I stopped working for them! I can’t afford to work for free.

I’m having problems getting paid. They don’t take my calls nor answer my emails. I posted several messages on snapdocs and nothing…so frustrating putting some much effort collecting my own money…:angry:

Yeah, I have worked for them for several years and they have always been slow to pay but since July, the owner, Michael Tomlinson, has gone missing. He’s not answering phone’s or email, so this morning, I posted to his Facebook page at I know it says Mid States but he is also the owner of The Notary Spot.

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The Notary Spot is NOW defunct.
They have been banned from Carrington Title. They will NOT PAY. RUN!!!

If you take work… If you do, get the paper, call the title , escrow, lender, Send them links of notary spots non payment record. work out a deal directly with them.

Usually when you do this at last hour, they work out and pay you directly. That is my new strategy

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I am currently trying to collect on 2 assignments, July 22nd and July 25th. I have called and directed to the ADMIN extension only to hear the box is full and emailed Invoices, faxed invoices and yet no responses. I am at a lose

I have two payments overdue with Notary Spot and tried to contact them millions of times via email telephone, so I contacted the companies which contracted them. I just received a threatening call from one of such companies saying that I have to stop contacting them and that I shouldn’t even try to contact borrowers otherwise i will have legal consecuences, so frustrating!