ALERT! Satellite Signing Services

Dont accept order for this company. They do not pay!

Sorry that you’ve experienced this, Juan. :disappointed_relieved: Hope that you plan to pursue payment-in-full from them.

FYI: There is a protracted history of non-payment as evidenced by all the threads on Notary Cafe on this same topic. See this url for direct thread links:

It’s important to utilize the Search function (see Magnifying Glass on the ribbon above starting with Home, About Us, etc.) prior to accepting any Signing Orders from companies that you’re thinking of working with for the first time.

There is a FB page with a “Deadbeat” list and they are on there. There are many companies on there. A quick few are: Signing Services of America, America’s Notary Pro, ASAP Pro, A Step Above Signing Service, Previous Coast to Coast (but they just got bought out) Notary ASAP, Prestige/Notary Dash and many others… be aware.