Satellite signing services

Can anyone tell me about this company? I just got an assignment for tomorrow almost 2 hrs away from my house. I asked for more money than what they were offering and they approved it, it is pretty good for me. But, I have never worked for them before. If anyone has and can tell me if it is a good company. I think they are new but not sure.

I did a signing for them and they paid me no problem 45days

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Ok, thank you very much.

I have always been paid when working for SSS. If I go two hours from the office ask for $350 to $450.

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I’ve done several signings & always get paid.
Good luck!

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Wow, they pay that much? Notary work can bring that much money in one signing??

Not in my neck of the woods.

I work with them frequently and always get paid. Good Luck!

I did a job for them and it was easy (was a loan application, about 60 pages, took about 35 minutes and nothing to scan back other than borrowers ID) and I got a check in about 5 weeks, They sent the docs to me the evening before, so that was nice as I had time to be organized - not last minute sending docs like another company I did work for several times. I dealt with Kyle via email and he was very nice and fast to answer a few questions I had via email (I am rather new)
I would work for them again if they contact me.


Me neither…they must be in Cal.

I did a signing for SSS in January 2019, never received payment.

AWFUL!!! When I arrived at the appointment, the Signer asked, “So, what are we doing?” When I told him we were “signing these documents…” and pull out the stack, he spun out and said, “He never told me anything about all this!,” and “What is all this?!”… He got very nervous and refused to proceed. So, I left his home because he was so upset, and phoned the L.O. from the car to let him know. I never heard back from anyone, and then this company posted disparaging lies about me on the Snapdocs back-end portal that notaries don’t see. Now, they all see it and I can’t get it removed. I’ll be pursuing legal help.

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Where do you live? I would love that pay!

If that happened to me amferris7, I would’ve calmly got out my phone and called the loan officer, title company agency and my hiring party while at the closing table. Why didn’t you do this?

Also, how did you find out about the “disparaging lies” on SD as we are not privy to that information?

Same opinion as chicagonotaryservice here, amferris - sorry, but instructions from pretty much every client state clearly that we are to call the LO and signing company PRIOR to leaving the table. Dealing with “upset” people is part of the job.

Did you not make a confirmation call to meet with this signer, so that he knew you were coming and your purpose for doing so?

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I believed Satellite SS has fallen off the face of the earth without paying me. Does anyone have a number for them that works?