Has anyone had any issues or experience with - Satelite Signing Services?

Your feeback is appreciate.

Lowballers at $50…may be a subcontracting notary. You’re making $50, they are making $75…Fair? Heck no! But someone is keeping them in business.


I have only completed 1 signing for them a year and half ago. It was an $85 Application package and they paid promptly.

Yes, have closed several loans for SSS in 2018.
No issues with order or client. Fee was fair although payouts took 45 to 60 days.

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Did but one 2 years ago @ $150, paid in less than 30 days…and it was thru SD. Shame to hear that they’ve now gone cheap and slow to pay. SD is good at teaching hiring parties to go cheap because someone will take it. Fees are notary driven… please stop driving them into the ground.

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I have signed for them several times in 2018 and once so far in 2019. I have not had any issues with them paying promptly and they pay my requested signing fees.

Overall my experience as a notary has been quite disappointing. Maybe one or two companies actually pay well…the rest suck.

That whole song and dance and sales pitch about how great it is to be a notary by the notary classes companies and how there’s a huge shortage in California, blah blah blah…complete utter you know what.

I get $50 notary requests all the time…as if I’m going to print out docs, drive 50 miles in traffic, come back, take the time to scan, fax, etc…for $50? Are they joking? lol

no, I just dont here from them since that stopped using snap docs

I did one signing last year Dec for him and he has never paid. I called title.

I just went to a signing for them, the signer backed out, I had printed the docs, sat and waited for an hour as the signer talked to the loan officer. I called Satellite for instructions, and called, and called but they won’t reply. I can not get a response out of Snapdocs either. My advice is to avoid Satellite at all costs.


Yes, stay away, he does’t pay!


I’m trying to get paid on 2 that are right at 60 days. They sent out a notification for a signing in my area today & I responded as “unavailable - due to not being paid”. I’ve called, left voicemails, sent an email with an invoice & no response.

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I did a signing for them on October 25, 2019 on a net 30 basis. As a courtesy noted on the order, that I was still waiting for payment and emailed a followup invoice on December 1, 2019. They then noted on the order that the check had been cut and mailed. As of today (45 days), I still have not received the check, so I declined another offer from them indicating I had not been paid for this previous order. I recieved a phone call from them and they indicated they would send the check so still waiting…

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