Amrock fee, Service area Sending out to 3 parties

Check your fee and service area with Amrock. Amrock is deleting service area to 10 and in some cases lowering your fee with out your knowledge.

I just signed up. only completed a couple for them. They were upset because I asked for additional money for travel. Said they will only pay more if it more than ? miles. Don’t remember. I told them that it was that many miles and that was my fee for the area. they paid.
Now I just took one and they know what I charge and sent me a confirmation for $25.00 less, like I would not notice? I wrote them back and asked the fee to be raised. we will see what they do today. They can pay it or find another notary.
Hate to be hard nosed but so many are trying to take advantage.


Amrock pays based on the amounts you have listed in your profile, not on what you have charged for previous orders. If you want a higher fee, change your profile.

I wish they would pay additional for scanbacks. I’d happily take more orders from Amrock, if they paid a scanback fee. Still, I’m sure they are finding many good notaries who don’t mind tucking an extra unpaid hour into their signing fee.

Amrock now pays weekly via direct deposit.

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I’ve never had them ask for a faxback. If they did I would certainly get more or turn them down. My

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