Amrock lowering fees

Their fees are disgusting! I’m embarrassed for them sending them out like that. I told them and they asked if I wanted to be removed. Yes Ma’am was the answer.

These fees are so low that soon they will be $0.00.

When I was in the combat engineers in the Army, my outfit had a motto: We’ve done so much with so little for so long that pretty soon, we’ll be able to do everything with nothing." Kinda sounds like that’s where we’re headed with notary fees.

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IMO: Blame the low fees on your peers! When your peers lowered their fees that’s the problem.


Exactly. It’s not worth it.

Yes. They need to stick to their guns. I do not accept any refi for <$125. Most assignments I get are for $150-200…if I can’t get that, it’s not worth it for me. I live in a rural area where the drive is usually at least 45 minutes one way…and the nearest fedex/Ups is also a 20 minute drive from my house.

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Yeah I would have to agree with you on that one. If you live in rural definitely not worth it to take anything less than $150 in my opinion.

I know a lady in East Coast in rural area and her fees are $175-$250 and higher with Amrock and she’s doing very well. If I can recall her max travel distance is an hour away!

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See, those notaries that have a lengthy drive in front of them get more $$ for their jobs than do those of us who have 15-30 minute drives. I’ve tried negotiating for more than the $100-$125 I typically get and there is always a thud on the other end of the line. But, I will say I get a lot more chances even though I don’t get them no matter how fast I ring in. All this just flummoxes me. (I like using that word, flummox) **

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, flummox Now you’re dating yourself, unless your grandmother used to say it, and that’s where you heard it.

At least you’re not in the midst of a kerfuffle! :rofl:


I had kerfuffles for breakfast last Sunday. They were a bit chewy, I thought. :laughing:

Hello Linda, I’m sorry to hear of your experience but can relate as I too after almost 4 years was “Terminated” by Amrock for asking questions regarding the new platform and fee structure, which is so unfair to seasoned notaries who have given so much time and effort to Amrock and for them to so casually dispose of you is so unfortunate. All I can say is that it’s their loss. There are so many posts in here that I can relate to and have had similar experiences with Amrock. BEWARE. I also checked the BBB and they only have a 2 star rating, so this is not a company that I would like to work for, especially when fabricated defects and terminations is only to their benefit, or so they believe. I’m glad to not have my phone hooked to my side and trying to compete with every notary in my area for a signing when it’s posted. They have very poor customer service when it comes to supporting their notaries and if you ask too many questions, they WILL tell you that they will throw a DEFECT on your record. For more than 2 years I carried a 100% rating with no defects and this was how they treated me in the end. Time to find new doors. Best to all.

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would they really be able to do that with the number of notaries that they have?? doubt it. Just at scare tactic

Not sure what you mean Jenn