Bad Closing with Signature Closings

:astonished: wow that would have ground my gears

Horrible experience last night. Posted about it. No $$. Add insult in injury the borrower has contacted me three times today to do the signing today. Reached out to signature closers three times. Just received alert. They are asking for a notary. Didn’t give back to me or pay me a dime for waiting, communicating now over 1 hour with customer and lending officer, printing docs and rushing around here til 10 pm to meet their deadline of signing by yesterday. Unreal!! Guess that will be the last of it. Will not allow companies to treat us notaries that way with complete disregard. Maybe they will contact me later today but we will see.

Guess I know now to never accept any from them again. I was doing them a favor last night with two last minute late night signings

Yikes, after reading all the posts on here I’m glad I ignored their notifications. I haven’t done anything for them because of their low fees. But now I will have to de-activate my account so I don’t get bombarded with their notifications. Ugh.

I had many bad experiences with them, the latest only two days ago and probably had enough with this company. The pay is very low and the pages of instructions alone takes about 5-10 minutes to review and compare to the pages of instructions from the lender and title company and must sign the instruction list that mentions the $25 penalty fees if anything on the list is not fulfilled exactly. I can’t tell you how many times they send me documents that are not prepared properly or missing exhibits or riders to deeds, etc. My latest assignment I printed out two sets of the 189 loan package; prepared my journal with what I am allowed ahead of time (20 notarial acts); placed stickies on all the pages that need signatures; reviewed all the documents for correct dates, signature lines, attachments, etc. Just before I walked out the door the borrower contacted me requesting me to add his wife to the Deed. I told him that he had to make that request and meanwhile I notified Signature Closures and they told me to call the Lender. Made phone calls to everyone involved and was told that there should be enough time left in the day to get it changed and make a later appointment. I never heard back from anyone and requested at small fee of $25 to cover my printing/paper costs. It was denied and then what really got me upset is when I received a call from the borrower yesterday wanting to know if we could meet at another location. I had to tell him that I was not reassigned that job and they must have assigned it to another notary. He texted me back saying I was correct, another notary was assigned. I will not be taking anymore jobs from them. Every job from that company has cost me money and this was the last time.

At the moment, Signature Closers is my bread and butter. I am accepting 85-90 assignments, come April 1 my rate is going up. I hope that I still have them as clients.


What a blessing to be able to do 85-90 a month:). Congratulations!


Dang… I can’t even respond quick enough to their emails as the jobs are always taken.

This is what I am referring to. Totally disrespectful. You got &0 for printing and time to prepare for nothing.

I also told them to remove me as well. I am
Expecting a check from one I closed Thursday so after that I will be deleting my account.

Count your blessings. They are one company that caused me to stress out so bad last week I made an error on a signing in my rush.

I get more than half my assignments from Signature Closers. I only take assignments that pay well enough (my minimum is $100 for nearby signings and have gotten up to $160 for a 50 minute drive) I have almost no problems with them. Sometimes I get an assignment with more pages than I like but they have been very responsive to emails and always pay on time. Maybe it’s due to the lack of competition in my area - my guess is that there are maybe 10 other notary signing agents who serve my county and a few miles beyond. Signature has been great for me to work with.


I have done several re fi s for sig closers and a few for their newer division.
I usually pass or ask for more then the $85 they offer
I had one for $150. The client wouldn’t sign because the numbers were wrong and we couldn’t get anybody on the phone or answer an email…even his contact.
They told me a travel fee half
I laughed…and went to emsil copying certain individuals .im getting my full fee
Its a shame…i have had problems in the past too but got the signing done and thankful emails from the staff
But ive told them bluntly…they need to get it together …
I guess they have enough people who take jobs in my NY county.
My other clients have spoiled me …ive told them i have a time i need docs …they didnt make it. I told them to reassign…i was out the door
The schedule people are very nice. I feel sorry for them
It seems title and the loan company dont care…they just reschedule …give up some $ and send somebody else
I will say. They have given me dibs on every reschedule…some I took others i did not
They are not a priority for me …once in awhile when im available and its a close drive at a reasonable hour … I’ll put in a bid … always more then they offer…because they are tedious signings of at least an hour …
I make sure my questions are answered …but its usually a tough assignment.and we wait 30 days to get paid …

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Always got paid. Just lots of mistakes and delays on their end …
I too put in a bid higher then they offer and have gotten fair imo fees for the work
Just more aggravation then they’re worth for the most part…i pass on most or go with my other companies before them
Im typically booked two weeks out…i have some room but usually their assignments are evening and im tired by then… Loan company in California doesn’t seem to respect east coast .notaries they frequently booked 7-8 pm and later.which means two plus hours home by 11 …i dont take those anymore