Bad Closing with Signature Closings

Anybody have any bad experiances …something happened today and I really got mad

Signature Closings OR Signature Closing, LLC OR Signature Closers? So, what happened that ticked you off?

I have done 4 closings…and I closed fine…I closed it out on the website…on the 15th…on the 16th I had an employee send me several emails asking when she should expect the scans…I emailed her back and said that I had sent them on the 15th and the docs should already be there…it was an application…she writes me back and says if I don;t do it in 10 mins she was reducing my fee $25…so I sent it again…I even sent a screen shot of where it was uploaded and it said CLOSED on the site…then she wrote me back and said her boss was uploading them for her…well if I didn’t send them how did her boss get them…but they reduced my fee $20…never want them to call or send a text anymore

Either they resent having to use non employee’s as notaries or they don’t respect us at all. I’d send them an email advising them to remove me from their list.

You’ve got the proof that you did as requested. Cram it down their throats 'til they pay total fee. THEN never work for them again.


I am trying…we have to worry about traffic and dogs and pancake syrup on the table…shouldn’t have to deal with being threats to remove your check for something we didn’t do…I want my check first…they already took part of it.

Signature Closers…and they will not call you back either

They micromanage the hell out of their notaries. Constant emails and texts and very demanding. If they call me for future assignments, I’m adding a $50 micromanagement fee. I hadn’t even driven out of the driveway yet for a closing I completing and they were wondering where the scans were. I had marked on the completion the scans would be sent within 1-2 hours but they said they needed a more definitive time frame to provide to title. I told them it would be 1-2 hours like I had already stated. You know companies are unappreciative when every line of their instructions say “do this or your fee will be reduced”.


I’m always amazed at the dissimilar experiences many of us have with a given signing company. I am not calling your recent run-in into question, I’m only stating my own experience with them and it has been five stars for years. I must have done 25 signings for them in the last 60 days and they are stellar. Docs are on time, easy to work with, efficient procedures, clear instructions and quick pay. I don’t know what went wrong but I would not give up on them.


ive done a number of refi s for them so no scan backs
I get paid in 30 days about
and have gotten increased fees because I ve gone over and above for a signing a few times
They are tedious and over an hour.
I usually get a higher fee to do them …no problem


what do u call on time? for what type signing?

I feel like every time I get a notification from them and I respond ASAP but it’s always already assigned.:weary:


yep do not take many with signature closers any more. they expect alot and pay low to be honest. I do not mind being paid lower as long as I know the documents are not all “special” requiring more time and scan backs required and they didn’t respond when I call them to ask questions

They def do too much micromanaging. However, they’re good to negotiate, pay on time, staff is soooooo helpful. With whom I work with, they’re the only ones who still require scanbacks. I no longer take orders that require scanbacks. Don’t give up on them yet as I’m thinking it was just a bad experience on the one.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess there’s probably a good reason for the micromanagement.

I worked for Signature Closers in the past and did many of their loans - loved to see their number come up on my caller ID - paid well, we agreed on terms, call went something like "we have a closing in XX city on at - available - they sent docs and I did my thing…no micro-managing at all - ifin fact, no managing…they trusted they were going to get a good package back.

Not so today with new notaries. I see what’s posted on these forums - and if what I read on these forums is any indication of the work product provided, I don’t bame companies for micromanaging. I’d say they’ve had issues and been burned and they’re doling out a bit of preventative medicine.

I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it is what it is


probably depends on where you are at but in CA they do not pay very well. $75-85 is normal for a faxback requirement and in CA we always have traffic so on top of the printing, preparing, driving, signing, faxbacks it isn’t worth the $75 which is like 80% of their offerings. but people take them as they are trying to get the experience.

I wouldn’t give up yet, either. You may have encountered someone new or having a bad day. I do a lot of work for Signature Closers and love them. Maybe there’s some good luck/bad luck in who you end up working with there? They have always seemed polite and appreciative. There can be cancellations and glitches but they are quick to respond and followup. They always pay me well (maybe because of less competition in my area?) and always direct deposit on the 5th for the previous month’s work, even if closing on the 31st. Signature and Amrock are my favorites and provide most of my business. So many companies have different checklists and I sometimes forget which hoops to jump through with each company so reminders are good for me and I try not to feel too bothered.

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Agreeing on the don’t give up on them sentiment. I do a lot of work with them and I have found them to be a great signing company. They have not micromanaged me at all and they pay timely. My advice… Don’t give up or burn the bridge.

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the last time i did a re fi no scans but had a question on docs called the loan officer .called every number They gave
one hour before signing…got to client and called again …he called his contact
nobody returned a call
he remarked that he was surprised nobody called me back
I reported to closings
never a word
so for those re fi’s i charge x they usually find somebody for the $85
but I do it on my terms or not at all
they called me, I accepted at a price and said I need docs by 1 pm in order to be able to accomodate
they called me at 2 pm saying they got approval …3 hours later, I said sorry I can’t do it I needed the docs by 1 pm as I told you… I have to drive to my appointment… good luck
I might add that job was floating for two days before they were going to give it to me so I know I wasn’t first choice with my price
they have since offered me 3 jobs that I couldnt take*all re fi’s no scans
I’m used to these particular jobs , and I don’t make mistakes but they are tedious
I haven’t done anything else but re fi’s for them and for one lender only

Won’t accept jobs from them any more either…
They docked my (menial) pay by $15 because I hadn’t renewed my W9 with them. Apparently they locked me out of their system until a new W9 was received, BUT ONLY AFTER I had accepted another job with them, and when it came time to pay, they sent me a notice saying my check was being reduced because they hadn’t received a new W9.