Best Accounting for Notaries

What have you found to work the best for invoicing clients and follow up?

I use Notary Gadget to to keep track off all my signings and for my invoices. It keeps track of clients, borrowers, dates, signing locations, fees, mileage, etc and you can print reports for your tax purposes.

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I too use Works great! The folks behind the scenes are VERY responsive when you ask for assistance or make a suggestion. They do have a free trial period as I recall. They have a monthly subscription fee or annual rate, but for all purposes (keeping track / using calender / compiling expenses / preparing docs for your accountant, etc) they are EXCELLENT. The web site is extremely easy to navigate and they are very reliable.

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Thanks for the responses. I am using the free startup and do find it easy and a nice program.

I am using Quickbooks online. I love it…my accounting has never been so up to date. I either start the process before going to a signing, or complete when done. The only problem (but evidently it’s been resovled with the self employed product) is the mileage is not included, however it does interface with the TripLog app.

I use Notary Gadget. Great tool, easy to use and minimal set up for accounting.
I love the notes section and easy to remember if client requires an invoice.

I use NotaryAssist, and love it!

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Do you have a phone number for Notary Gadget? I have had problems all day and can’t find a number.

Do you have a phone number for them. Have had problems all day!

I use Quickbooks Online. Some things I would look for are

  1. Can I count on this company to be around until the statutes of limitations on my tax returns have expired?

  2. When I’m done being a notary, can I download some kind of reports or records to keep for tax purposes, so I don’t have to stay subscribe just to look at my old records?


Here is what their (NotaryGadget) website says, “17. CONTACTING US. Please direct send any correspondence to NotaryGadget, PO Box 1100, Grand Blanc, MI 48480. We can also be reached at 657-204-6753. Please note that our tech support is conducted via email only (its how we keep the price so low). Any tech support questions/voicemails will not be returned. Thank you in advance for helping us keep the price affordable for everyone.”

Best way is to keep track yourself, excel is an excellent program. easy to use.

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I haven’t tried any of the paid accounting programs for notaries. One thing I have heard mentioned about them is that there could be an issue since the programs do have access to your Google calendar & any program that has access to the calendar could be a possible security issue.
I’m still attempting to devise something to start out the new year. Like someone above said–what if the companies go out of business–then do you have a backup?


I find Notary Gadget to be very helpful and useful. It seems to have what I need to keep my books sharp.

I just recently started using Notary Gadget. I am extremely happy with the product. It does take a little time to enter all the important information (less than 3 minutes). Then everything is at my fingertips. Most importantly, it’s a Dream Come True, at tax time. Just a click of a button and it’s done! It has been well worth the time and investment so that my business runs smoothly.

I’m working on setting up Excel spreadsheets to track EVERYTHING. I found everything I need in MS Publisher and I’m working on linking the spreadsheets to simplify entering data. I’m a control freak and need to know I will have access to my records indefinitely. Never know what may arise in the future…

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Hi Latice! I know this comment has been here a while lol but did you ever complete this project? and if so, is it available for purchase? I can be reached at I’m not experienced in making spreadsheets and I agree with you as I’d rather have something myself on my own pc. Hope you see this and thanks for any assistance you can provide :slight_smile: