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Continuing the discussion from c2c (coast2coast signing agency):
I just replied to this post: Parardise Settlement & The Notary Co
Of this notary not being paid by Parardise Settlement, on my same problem with SoCal Signing who owes Coast2Coast.

Here was my reply:
Contact the title company, the threaten to put a lean on the Borrower’s house. Also call the lender over and over again, until Parardise pays you. I had a signing company refuse to payment on a perfect signing, no errors. So I call the title officer at First American Title, until the owner of the signing company called me and paid me. She did want to loose her account with First American Title. Signing company was SoCal Signing now Coast2Coast Signings. Good news, I hear they no longer does signings for First American.

Just be a pain in their A**.


Great to here you got paid.

my name is Lisa Bittner, I am the owner of Coast2Coast Signing Co, a SoCal Signing Co, Inc.
my email is lisa@c2csignings.com and my cell phone is 909-525-8221.
We are not behind in payments
call me if there is anything missed, or questions


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Bill, I know the file your talking about, this is Lisa Bittner with Coast2Coast Signing Co, a SoCal Signing Co, Inc.
our largest client is still First American, SoCal Signing Co Inc is still our name and we have a DBA of Coast2Coast Signing Co.
However, for those who are reading this if you are not being paid, call the escrow company. This does work. But don’t threaten to put a lien on the borrowers house or you will be deactivated by the escrow company. Simply asking the escrow agent for help will work.
Bill, I am not going to talk about what happened in your case as it was years ago, but its now how your stating it.

Lisa thank you for your honesty. I have been doing business with Coaast2Coast for years and have never had a problem with getting paid for my services. Sincerely Louis K. LeGrat

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