Deed QCD Recording

I am in the state of FL and I need info on a Notary recording QCD at the clerk of court, costs involved and how much to charge for this service.

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Question - are you having the deed signed also? Or is the signed deed being sent to you for recording?

I suspect it’s the former, in which case you’d charge your base fee for a general notary assignment ($10/notarial act plus travel) then add on the time and travel involved in going to the clerk’s office and getting it recorded. Make sure the hiring party is going to give you the fee for recording IN ADVANCE.

Also, check with the court clerk - some clerks are requiring that you only drop off the docs - they don’t allow you to stand and wait for your receipt or your recorded copy (Covid protocol).

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I’ve read that in some jurisdictions the person who brings the deed to the recording office checks the records from some agreed-upon date in the past until the moment the deed is recorded for any transactions related to the property; this is called a “bring-down”. Since you’re probably not qualified to do that, you should make sure your client isn’t expecting this service.

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That’s what we used to do in CT…but since it’s a QCD, with no warranty, may not be required by requestor - they may just be amending names on title…

Thank you guys for the wonderful and speedy feedback, I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:
We agreed on my asking fee of $223.29 which included my time, travel to and from clients home and county recording office, recording $18.80 + copy fee $23.29 total. Keep in mind this is in my state of Florida Seminole county. I am a happy camper WOOT!
I include the recording price incase you do not have cc payment capability to perform the service for a client in the future who is out of state (in this case Encino California) where I obviously had to pay the recording for later reimbursement.
Incase you are located in the California area, the name of the company is Equisolar.

Really curious why a solar company required a QCD…

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