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Since the time Zone change here in AZ (MST) my Exos calender is off by an hour. Has anyone experiencing this besides me? I have been working with the technology support team and they have not been able to get this issue resolved going on 3 plus weeks now.

I had that issue recently with a RON signing. They were MDT and I’m in CST. My google calendar does not covert time so I was freaking 2 hours early :woman_facepalming:t5:
I hope they fix your issue soon.

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Ah…the joys of modern technology…NOT.

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This time difference issue has long been a problem with AMROCK and continues to this day. Their portal is set to EST and I am in PST area code. At least half of the hybrid and remote signers will call me in a panic because they have received their reminder email at 1:00 pm for a 4:00 pm signing in our area. The signing will also show up on their portal in their time zone. I’ve addressed this with them a few times but to no avail. I’ve just mentally made the adjustment and provide a succinct explanation to the signers.

My issue is that I’m on auto assignment and although it has not happened yet I see this could potentially be an issue

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