Help! How do I give up signing on Amrock App?

Help! How do I give up signing on Amrock App?

Email or call them so that scheduling can reassign.

You can do that in the app

All is good! :+1:
At 1:41am on 3/23 I accidentally accepted a signing that was scheduled for 3/23 closing:( I thought it was for 3/25 I was half asleep:( A few seconds later I finally realized that it was a mistake, I panicked because I was fully booked on Monday:( I poked around on their app, I tried and tried but couldn’t find the option to surrender the signing. After about a half hour of freaking out, I sent them an email at 2am, I apologized and explained my problem. I called them immediately in the morning. They were so kind and so understanding and reassigned immediately. What amazing people working over there at Amrock! Love Amrock!

In the future, you tap the closing in the app. Bottom option says “give up closing”. It will then prompt you to select the reason and you’re all set.

Fyi, that option is no longer available on the App when the signing appointment is within 24 hours, at least from my experience. So, no same day cancellations. You would have to call or email.

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stop taking have a conflict of schedule