Format the printer

I had a signing for a new company today. For some reason I couldn’t get the printer to format right for the paper. I ended up printing everything in legal size paper. I’m wondering if I should just do this all the time. would save time but the cost of the paper would be higher. Does anyone print only in legal size paper?

It’s not your printer. They scanned it wrong. This doesn’t happen often so I would never default to legal (and most also want the mortgage on letter). Also seems to me to be a company-specific problem and you might want to let that co. know so they fix/learn something.

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Arichter is probably right. The only other thing that occurred to me (and please don’t take this wrong - this little step escaped me at first) is - you DID set up your computer/laptop settings for the printer, right?


Well I did now and this next set was fine. One other thing was I just changed from windows to mac. yes it does make a differance

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I hear Mac and Adobe do not get along… No experience With Mac, just what I read

Glad you got it straightened out

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