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hi: A few folks stated Brother MFC L6800DW as the best. My question is…do we ever print docs that require color as this is a black and white only laser printer and over $600 in cost. welcome feedback.
has anyone purchased a color laser printer as yet??
welcome comments

You never need color. Check eBay for gently used ones.


I use an epson. Some really like the brother monochrome ones. Speaking of which I have a brother monochrome that I’m not using it’s practically new. Purchased in February. I haven’t used it since May. I’m in Colorado if you are interested.


Hi Cynthia, I bought two HL-L 6200DW and cost me $327 for each. They work great and I use generic toner which I bought from EZInk ($38 for 2) from Amazon. They’re black and white, and that’s all signing agents use. Colors are very expensive, and we really don’t make much to spend for expensive printer and cartridges.


I bought a Brother Copier, DCPL2550DW, all in one since I started notarizing loan documents and didn’t want to buy an expensive one for 2 reasons… 1st I still wasn’t making the money, and 2nd I didn’t know if I was going to keep doing notary as a signing agent. If I wasn’t then I would leave it for the kids’ school work. Well, I have survived and like I what I do, so pretty soon I’ll get a better one in a couple of months. Meanwhile I’ve been able to print all my signings… this little machine is all in one, printer+copier+scanner+fax… I use all except the fax (who does anyway?). Not long ago I bought a scanner, Epson ES500, because the scanner in the Brother was a hit or miss, and couldn’t risk it anymore.

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P.S. you don’t need color printer for loan signing documents. Some companies even demand only black and white, and laser… laser doesn’t bleed colors, like color ones.

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Hi Cynthia; I was able to find a color laser printer from Amazon for $405.00 back in June or July. I just checked Amazons website and its still the same price as when I purchased it. It comes with all four ink cartages, However I did purchase back up ink, which did cost a little more. I love it, and works great. Here is the one i purchased if you wanted to check it out. Canon Color Image CLASS MF644Cdw - All in One, Wireless, Mobile Ready, Duplex Laser Printer. Hope this helps.

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Hi Cynthia: I liked Brother for many years, unfortunately they have placed an automatic lock down when it determines you need more toner hoping you’ll order a large back up. Wasted toner happens this way since the old method of shaking the cartridge to even out the toner is no longer allowed. It’s like they have a paper counter determining the toner should be replaced and, unlike before, there’s no way around it. This forces us to purchase more cartridges. They used to let you continue to print after a warning. You’d be able to see if the toner was faded in the print out. Not anymore!

I almost lost a signing due to the toner lock down! It was an emergency signing and I just barely got the docs printed before it locked down the toner that I didn’t have anymore cartridges left. Brother’s strategy was to enforce customers not purchase the generic cheaper cartridges by providing 3,000 page toner cartridges with a computer chip to overcome the issue. Unfortunately most of us can’t afford their expensive toner cartridges.

I also noted on the newer printer I got last year, the HL L2390DW, that they do everything to prevent us from using the manual tray as a second option for legal paper. As you know, when we print out PDF’s with letter and legal size it makes it far easier and faster to let the software due the work of determining what pages go to the manual tray. They have deliberately denied us a means to put in legal paper because it flops over the edge without any slide out they used to allow.

I believe Brother has become a manipulative evil company for these reasons and will no longer purchase their products. I’m looking for a genuine dual paper tray this time and am not playing around any longer trying to find a poor man’s method to not having to pay for a more expensive dual tray laser printer. I noted Brother’s dual tray printers are very expensive!

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Hey Cynthia,

Skip the color printer. They take up a larger area and they won’t hold a larger cartridge of BLACK toner which you will run thru like water.

Brother has a refurbished L6800DW for $450.

I think the Brother printer mentioned is a good option. The authentic High yield toner isn’t overpriced and the printer will accept generic cartridges which will keep your costs lower.

I own a Canon Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw and they have issues with not pulling the proper paper size, i.e. (When printer runs out of letter size it will begin to pull Legal) Also, I don’t like Canon’s scanning software majority of the pages are skewed and if a document is larger than 50+ you must scan in smaller batches.

did you purchase direct from Brothers? i called and they have no refurbished for that model number. or did you purchase from Amazon. please share. thank you

That’s the one I use and it’s been awesome. Never buy color.

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Hi Cynthial,

I have several Brother 6200’s and it is a great printer.
You can get this one on sale for around $179.


If you want a economical printer where the ink is not too expensive you need to get a canon or a brother, I have them both. I tried the HP to expensive and want hold up to the amount of printing if you are in a busy area and have to print a lot. Well its hard to find a printer due the kids being homeschooled. You shouldn’t have to spend over $300 for a printer.


How do the used ones work? My Brother HL 6200 DW seem to not want to accept a used cartridge. Something about the count. I changed the count but it still does not want to use all that I have in a used cartridge.

you’re right. There is a counter but you can change it in programing on the machine. look it up on Google. Pisses me off that we even have to fool with it.

I have a mono Brother but HP laser color as well that I use for printing ID’s

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Do you still have the Brother dual tray laser printer available?

Thanks for the share. I have been looking for Brother dual tray laser printers. I have not seen them listed at $179.00. Do you have store recommendation?

I suggest this program if you have a Cartridge World in your area. I’ve been using this program for over 2 years and I love it you have the opportunity to cancel at any time there’s no 5-year commitment like a lease has.