Nations signature closers

Has anyone had any experience with Nations signature closers, good or bad?

I did a signing for them in February 2016 without any problems.

Yes, I’ve worked for Nations Signature Closers many times. I never had any problems. Doris

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I have worked for them several times, probably 2 years. Good!

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I have worked for them over the last 5 years, never any problems. Paid on time.

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I did three signings in August for them and received one check for all of them last week. I have another signing for them this week. They are a good company and fair with the rate. I do highly recommend them.



I have worked for them for years. They are a great firm. A bit of a hand-holder (they will bug you about the status several times during the process), but they pay on time and often in less than a month. Some of their packages are extra-large, but they almost always know when the lender is likely to do that, so if you ask “what can you tell me about the package?” before you take the assignment, you will be able to give them a fee quote that matches the scope of work. I wish I had several more that were as good as NSC.


I agree. I have worked with NSC for many years.

I encountered another problem with Signature Closers, and I’ve worked with them along time, but
when they assign at a lower fee, ok, will do it this time. Then as I get to the the date/time, I’ve passed by several other good orders. Now its late sometimes for docs, get docs email and its arefi 234 page document. No not on the fee assigned. Call, difficult to get a person, she says I can give you a higher fee or reassign. NOT all I called about - Because the real issue becomes time, I don’t have the extra time to accommodate and if I have it reassigned. I get nothing. Well, the SC person just talks over me instead of talking with me about how this can be averted. Course she doesn’t know what I’m saying becuase shes talking over me. It wasn’t the first time this happened and I feel its a significant problem to be addressed, SC can stop taking advantage of Notaries with this scenerio.

I guess I’m in NSC colum - couldn’t find the create new

I have had many signings with them. No problems at all. They are easy to work with, professional and pay is always prompt.

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Signature Closers and Nations Signature Closers are two different and unrelated companies.

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They called me today for a refi. They tried to get me to for $100 . I told them $150 as that my base fee with Signing Services & also THAT I NEED TO BE PAID PROMPTLY. SO THEY AGREED TO THE FEE. THEY SAID THEY PAY Every other Thursday.

So guys/gals…STOP SELLING YOURSELF CHEAP !!! next time they call me I will demand $175. That said,I am not paid member or any thing like that


Bravo! Bravo! :raised_hands::clap::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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I did another REFI closing for Nations, I demanded $250 , they said they will call back, They could not find anyone else, and ended up agreeing to my fee. I invoiced them, they paid me on Time. I knew.
Job Done, Money in pocket.

Title companies , depending on the state, charge premiums, some states add settlement fee. States like PA , have all fees rolled into the title premium. There is enough for you to get paid FAIRLY!!
So why do u think you are worth LITTLE ?

When are you going to join my club of super pro signing agent.
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