Not getting paid timely

Coast 2 coast signing is foul. I have blocked them from my phone. I did the signing on 9/27 and 40 days later I get a letter from them saying they are sending an echeck. instead of the usually vendor pay. Its unheard of to expect a notary to wait 40 days and then another 10 for the check to clear. I am upset but I wanted other notaries to know, check the payment terms on all signings. I am done.

Thanks for letting us know! That is unacceptable!

It sad because they want the signing to be excellent. I called the wrong place to check on my payment and got the company and they said sorry you haven’t got your money, we paid 125.00 to coast2coast. They paid me 75.00. Thats OK but it should not have taken that long. My bank called wanting to wait 10 days, but I talked them out of it. I am good but I will only work for people who pay within two weeks. You have a blessed day.

Wow, thanks for the feedback on Coast 2 Coast. I have completed 4 assignments and impossible to reach anyone re payment.

Which companies do you like to work with?