OEM or Compatible toner for your printer?

Do you buy the brand or compatible toner cartridge for your printer?

I used to buy brand for my brother mfc basic all in one for like $50 each. I get compatible now from Amazon 4 for $35 delivered. No issues! I wish I figured it out sooner. ~Adam

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Hey thanks. I had a weird situation where I was thinking its brother brand but it was a compatible that I purchased from a local printing company. The compatible was expensive too. I did find it for cheap online just want to be sure it is not something that will damage my printer.

Newer HP Laser Printers have a feature that won’t allow a non-OEM cartridge to work, so be aware of that. And as a former HP printer sales rep, I understand why they would do this. All it takes is one cartridge to blow up while you’re printing, and that unit becomes a boat anchor. Save yourself the grief and don’t pinch pennies when it comes to the equipment you need to stay in business.

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