Pribter in car issue

I have a BrotherHL-L2350W printer. A 1200 Invertor with cigarette lighter plug. When I plug in the printer, it comes on but it flashes please wait. It will not power off or on. Any suggestions on how to get the printer to work on the inverter.

Have you tried “you tube” to see if there’s a video in this topic. I have used it to troubleshoot my printer before. Good luck!

No personal experience here but from reading the forums and posts of veteran notaries, I think you need the inverter hard-wired into your vehicle for maximum power output. Also you need to make sure that the inverter you have puts out enough power to meet the power requirements of your printer (check the specs).

Thank you for the YouTube idea. Haven’t thought of that. I was actually wondering if maybe the cigarette lighter wasn’t strong enough.

I have a Brother HL5200DWT in my car and tried an 1100 power inverter that was not enough power and that was hooked directly to the battery. I switched to a 3000 watt inverter and now I run the printer, fan, scanner, and charge my laptop at the same time. With a deep cell gel battery it’s over a $1000.00 invested but a huge time saver. The reason your 1200 watt inverter is not working is because the fuser on the laser printer requires a lot of power for the heat it generates.

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Matt Yep !!! I played the dumb old lady card and walked into Car Toys and asked questions. Also depends type of vehicle you have. At that time had Ford SUV with power plug in rear and still needed another gizmo ~ as you can tell all my technical attributes are in the office and not the vehicle. Ask others or my sons for information. Good luck !

I have a 2000 watt pure sine power inverter and an external deep cell battery for my brother multifunction printer. Works great!

There may not be enough power through your cigarette lighter plug.

Are you kidding, laser printers take 600watts are more, cigarette lighter plugs are typically rated at 10 amps, 10amps x 12 volts = 120 watts!! 600 watts / 12 volts = 50 amps.

Alice it’s not a case of “dumb”, many car radio installers would not know what to do. There are limited businesses that require or at best would benefit by having a printer mounted in their car, it’s definitely a “one-off”. My suggestion to anyone would be to buy a Deep cell marine battery with a minimum 2000 watt power inverter and run your printer and any other electronics off of that. I chose the 3000 watt because I am a man and watched a lot of Home Improvement when I was younger, plus you never know when the wife says “get out” and my Prius may be my home (just kidding).

Mattpuzz and others. Thanks for the responses. I’m working on a new car so will probably wait til that happens and get everything set up at once.