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I was just wondering if anyone would mind sharing some of the basic questions they always ask a new vendor that contacts them to do a job. I’m just starting this as a part-time gig, and when I get calls I don’t know where they are coming from or who they are, or whether they pay, etc. I get the impression with a few of them that I should just agree to whatever they are rattling off about what the job might be. I don’t want to miss opportunities, but don’t want to work for free. Also, got an email from with documents attached and a request to log into my snapdocs. I don’t have a snapdocs account so was thinking this wasn’t legit?? Thanks.

SnapDocs is legit, but is not exactly notary-friendly’ (tho’ they claim they are, fact is, they’re encouraging hiring party to see who’ll do a job the cheapest and have contributed much to the lowering of fees offered.) Many refuse to work thru them. Yes, you CAN negotiate and I strongly advise everyone to do so. State your fee & stick to it!!

As to your other questions: First & foremost, don’t take their word as gospel. Check them out here and on the many other forums that rate companies and do believe what you see there. What are you offering? (then NEGOTIATE) When do you pay? Package size? Faxbacks? (Some are 90 pages; some are nearly 200 X 2…larger pkgs require more $–costs & time at table). TELL them you require full fee for no/show/sign/funding’ don’t settle for nominal ‘trip fee’ nonsense. Also, if the job comes thru ‘not as described’, either re-negotiate your fee or (if your later research shows they are deadbeats) give it back as promptly as possible. You are never required to work at a loss or nearly so!

But, even before you do this, what every notary needs to do FIRST is know your area! What DOES it take in gas, time to drive how many miles to ‘this town’ or ‘that one’. Mileage & travel time are HUGE factors in what you need to charge to make a profit.

You won’t like hearing this, but don’t give up your day job. With rising interest rates, volume is way down everywhere now and for the foreseeable future.

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I love reading all of your replies Arichter. I ALWAYS learn something from you.

Just had a horrible thought. There’s a lot of scamming, phishing, nasty stuff anyway, going around now thru e-mail.
And they seem to start with an unannounced ‘order-type’ e-mail with an attachment and a request to log-in to your SnapDocs account. I’ve not received this, but many have posted on other forums about this. I also don’t know what bad things happen, but it seems to be an attempt to gather ID & passwords. To what end, I don’t know. Point is–you will never receive an order out of the blue…and one with an attachment is highly suspect as some sort of scam.