Signature Closers Blacklist Help!

Hi Everyone! This is my first post in here. I was working alot with signature closers when I first signed up last year. I made a mistake on a notarization on a Deed of Trust earlier in the year, and now only receive messages for last minute cancellations etc… has anyone been successful at getting out of this situation with them? It’s not a temporary “bad list” with them, it appears they have just lowered my status permanently and I am not able to reach anyone there directly to remedy this so I receive “top tier” notifications anymore. Hoping someone here may be able to assist! Thank you so much in advance! : )

Did someone at Signature tell you that you’ve been permanently demoted? That seems strange to me. I mean… everyone is going to make at least one mistake at some point in their signing agent career. Permanently demoting every person who makes a single mistake seems a bit extreme, IMO. I forgot a stamp about 2 months ago and have still been having some solid signing offers come through from them since. Interested to see if anyone else replies with some insight!

I hope they do not have a black list. I have received several notifications from them but, have never been assigned a signing from them. All but one had already been taken even if I reply immediately the assignment had already been assigned. Good luck getting this figured out.