Signature Closers Blacklist Help!

Hi Everyone! This is my first post in here. I was working alot with signature closers when I first signed up last year. I made a mistake on a notarization on a Deed of Trust earlier in the year, and now only receive messages for last minute cancellations etc… has anyone been successful at getting out of this situation with them? It’s not a temporary “bad list” with them, it appears they have just lowered my status permanently and I am not able to reach anyone there directly to remedy this so I receive “top tier” notifications anymore. Hoping someone here may be able to assist! Thank you so much in advance! : )

Did someone at Signature tell you that you’ve been permanently demoted? That seems strange to me. I mean… everyone is going to make at least one mistake at some point in their signing agent career. Permanently demoting every person who makes a single mistake seems a bit extreme, IMO. I forgot a stamp about 2 months ago and have still been having some solid signing offers come through from them since. Interested to see if anyone else replies with some insight!

I hope they do not have a black list. I have received several notifications from them but, have never been assigned a signing from them. All but one had already been taken even if I reply immediately the assignment had already been assigned. Good luck getting this figured out.

I get emails everyday from Signature Closures but when I click on the job right away, it says it has already been assigned. I think they assign the job before they send out the email because I get emails where the appointment is 15-30 min away which would not give you enough time to prep and get to appointment.

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In my area, the SC jobs go in seconds. If you have their app and you are first on the list, you have a chance. Wait more than ten seconds and they are gone.

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That’s the exact same thing that’s happened to me. Signature closers, Timios, Bancserv… I click accept as fast as humanly possible and they’re like “awww sorry too bad for you! It’s already been taken. Better luck next time, loser.” At least that’s what I imagine in my head. It’s such a ridiculous way to find work… It’s like a coin toss if I’m going to make money each week lol. Has nothing to do with skill, personality, or work ethic…

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your not the only one brother these companies are either playing or there is other notaries with the signature closers app sitting there waiting

It feels like the lottery with some of these, you never know how much the phone will go off and what kinda offers will be there lol

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I just got one now from them (Signature Closers) for Vantage Title. The appointment is (or was?) 8/24/21 at 2:00pm. The notification came to me on 8/24/21 at 3:02pm literally 8 minutes ago. I remember seeing this thread, so decided to post this.

Sorry had to finish something up and didn’t get to complete my post.
I realize this post is about blacklisting and has pretty much gotten off topic and into the responding of notifications that are pretty much hit and miss. Some people say they have no problem and get many notifications and multiple orders per day. Others get very few, seldomly, and even never! When they do receive the notifications they are taken or just barely there (meaning no time to get docs, print, review and travel time).
These have all happened to me. But today was the worst, hilarious, had me laughing at how ridiculously unmanaged it was….receiving a notification an hour after the scheduled appointment time.

Now this brings me to the blacklist portion. I did two closings for loan closers in June. I was getting notifications from them quite a bit, several per day. I managed to get the 2. Went did the signings. On 1 I forgot the stamp on the limited POA. They called me to let me know it needed correcting. I corrected asap. The 2nd signing went well, and that was it, haven’t heard from them since, no more notifications. I sent them a message through their website through the “message us” asking if I was still active in their system because I had stopped receiving notifications for signing orders and they do not even respond. I think they did the same thing to me (blacklisted). If they are going to take such action they should at least let you know.

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Signature closers recently put out a notice that notaries who over-cancel will be downgraded in their system. What I think is happening is this. As soon as the notification is released, certain notaries are hitting the accept button before even examining the terms, location and availability on their calendars. They effectively snag the order so that no other notary will get it before them. Then after they have the order, they go through the terms. Too far, fee too low, another appointment booked for that time, they cancel. SC has to send out a new notice and clear out all of the information concerning the cancelled notary. I can’t prove this is happening. I did a ton of work for these people ten years ago, when they called me on the phone and we could negotiate like civilized people but I digress.


Well, any notary who works does that since there’s no time to look at the order before you accept. That is, if you want to work. If the signing service just sends a blast out to hundreds of people, then that’s what they’ll continue to get. Their system is flawed.

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Agree. That’s what’s happening. And why platforms are a crazy way to do business, IMO.

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I also work with them - SC. I have sometimes a month or two absence and when back I am more predisposed to make mistakes. I started to use markers (sticky arrows) every time I am back after long vacation, and also every time I can do it. It seems I am wasting my time, but I realized, I am saving from actual signing time. Also no mistakes. In such a position you go and sit with the signer you pretty much know already. This makes the job less stressful. You can consider this way of work.