Signature Closers Feedback/Notifications Question

Hello, I am a new notary signing agent. I started as most, using signing companies. Between November 12-17 I did five signings for Signature Closers. I never received feedback or anything. Is that normal? All the signings say “documents archived” but no other information. I know they pay out on the 5th, but I’m starting to get a little paranoid. I have not received hardly ANY notifications from them since the 18th. Hoping I didn’t get blacklisted or something. Anyone else have similar experience?

Hi Jessica, congratulations and welcome to the forum.

I know this is going to be hard, but they (the signing agencies) will tell you if corrections of any sort are needed. If they haven’t ask for a correction by now, I would tend to think you executed a proper signing and they’re satisfied. Don’t jump to thinking you’re on someone’s naughty list, business with signing agencies will ebb and flow depending on your location.

I would encourage you to check the forum and look for the conversions regarding “good signing companies” make a list, look them up and make contact making them aware your available for assignments.

Wishing you many successful signing


In this biz…no (feedback) news is good news.


Hi Jessica,

To not hear any feedback is pretty much normal. Believe me, they would have contacted you if they had a problem. What I have done in the past is perform a quality check, just to see how I did with the paperwork, too. They may have not had anything in your area