Signature Closers issues lately?

I was wondering if anyone here has been having issues with them lately? Like they assign me to a signing, but then I won’t receive documents. They have been awesome up until recently for me, like last month or so, it seems as if something has changed. They pay fairly enough, and are usually right on it.

I’ve been doing lot of signings for them, and I love it! Fair pay and very courteous and professional. The only issue I just had was that someone forgot to attach the FedEx label, and I requested from early in the morning yesterday… finally I got it this morning and I made clear in writing that it was their error, NOT mine, thus they will get their package one day later.

So no issues for you with getting documents on time lately? Maybe it’s just the title companies they’re working with :woman_shrugging:t2: I’ve had them cancel at least 4 signings with me due to not having documents in the last month

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Well, the shipping label that I requested all day yesterday was forwarded to the lender, and they CC me in every response. I would say yes! Is the TC, escrow or lender.

I absolutely love signature closers though, they are super responsive, Pay awesome and I love how easy their app and website is to use. I wish all platforms were as easy and friendly to use as theirs.

Agreed! Signature Closers, Amrock and XOME are my A+ companies

notary cloud is the ones who seem to cancel on me last minute 90% of the time.
i think signature closers deals with very few if not only one lender/title. they have always been good.