Suggestion for GNW

Hey everyone! I am ready to do some notary work and I am having difficulty gaining traction to get customers.

Also does anyone know if a notary can work at UPS or FedEx?
I would greatly appreciate it!

I think your best bet is to find a local mail/shipping store like AIM or the like. The one I use is a FedEx pick-up store and the guy seems to be busy with general notary work a lot of the time (he’s taking my business, dang it :upside_down_face:). UPS does notary work as well. I don’t know about the bigger FedEx stores. Look 'em up on line and see. And good luck to you.

I was in FedEx and a lady came in asking if they did Notary work as I was dropping my package off. I got her business. So to answer your question… In my area AZ, they do not, but your area may be different.