WARNING: Notary Dash don't pay

Beware of Notarydash as they do not pay, not just untimely but not at all.

@vamccall Absolutely correct! There are 50+ threads about that business entity . . .

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I was looking at a video with Jamie from Purple Notary. She talks about how Notary Dash set up a platform for her, and that’s how she is able to farm out other notaries through the USA. Yet, I see here that Notary Dash doesn’t pay, so how is Jamie paying her notaries?

File a complaint with the BBB.

My payment was late due to my email address with this company being incorrect, but I did get paid!

Does anyone have a number for Notary Dash? I have not received payment for a few signings. Any help is appreciated.

Does Notary Dash pay? Has anyone received payment and hopefully you did how did you get payment?

I did some work with Notary Dash for Notaries in Action. I was instructed NOT to send an invoice. When 30 days rolled around I called 206-774-0738 and left a message that it was 30 days since I finished my 2 assignments and I was requesting payment. The very next day I got an email from another company (I can’t remember the name) with instructions on what information they needed to pay me (bank account, etc). There were multiple options available to me. I was paid for both jobs in just a few days. This company was extremely generous with me. One of the jobs was originally going to pay $25, I said no and they offered me $50. I was not able to visit the client because the place was in a gated community. Long story short, they actually paid me the full amount, even though I never saw the customer. This was not for a loan signing but a Monsanto lawsuit. I would not hesitate to do business with them again.

I’ve have posted numerous times that notary dash does not pay.

3 things more likely to happen than getting paid by notary dash. 1) getting struck by lightning. 2) hitting the lottery. 3) nailing jello to the wall.

You must send them an invoice.

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Welcome msk831, Don’t forget Notary Dash and Prestige are the same try accounting@prestigenotaries .com (send them your invoice) they are slow to pay.