WARNING: Notary Dash don't pay

Beware of Notarydash as they do not pay, not just untimely but not at all.


@vamccall Absolutely correct! There are 50+ threads about that business entity . . .

Here are a few threads:

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I was looking at a video with Jamie from Purple Notary. She talks about how Notary Dash set up a platform for her, and that’s how she is able to farm out other notaries through the USA. Yet, I see here that Notary Dash doesn’t pay, so how is Jamie paying her notaries?

File a complaint with the BBB.

My payment was late due to my email address with this company being incorrect, but I did get paid!

Does anyone have a number for Notary Dash? I have not received payment for a few signings. Any help is appreciated.

Does Notary Dash pay? Has anyone received payment and hopefully you did how did you get payment?

I did some work with Notary Dash for Notaries in Action. I was instructed NOT to send an invoice. When 30 days rolled around I called 206-774-0738 and left a message that it was 30 days since I finished my 2 assignments and I was requesting payment. The very next day I got an email from another company (I can’t remember the name) with instructions on what information they needed to pay me (bank account, etc). There were multiple options available to me. I was paid for both jobs in just a few days. This company was extremely generous with me. One of the jobs was originally going to pay $25, I said no and they offered me $50. I was not able to visit the client because the place was in a gated community. Long story short, they actually paid me the full amount, even though I never saw the customer. This was not for a loan signing but a Monsanto lawsuit. I would not hesitate to do business with them again.

I’ve have posted numerous times that notary dash does not pay.

3 things more likely to happen than getting paid by notary dash. 1) getting struck by lightning. 2) hitting the lottery. 3) nailing jello to the wall.

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You must send them an invoice.

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Welcome msk831, Don’t forget Notary Dash and Prestige are the same try accounting@prestige notaries.com (send them your invoice) they are slow to pay.

I got this email from them today for a signing that was supposed to be at 9am. I didn’t respond to a closing. I even got a call saying they had already assigned someone to the alert I did respond to which was a medical affidavit. Their signings are always low pay and confusing.

I am chasing an unpaid invoice from Prestige Notaries via Notary Dash from December. Once I sent the a “Past Due” banner, they responded 2 weeks ago that they would handle it, I still have not gotten payment. I see a few Notaries sharing here that PN is hard to receive payment, so now I know who I am dealing with. Just sharing as an FYI with the team. Hope everyone is doing well.

I stop working with them. They sometimes takes 120 days to pay. That is because they are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Hi all - I wish I could say I am posting on here for a positive reason, but I am now finding myself trying to collect on 2 past due invoices from Notary Dash. Up until now I have never had a problem getting paid on their “net37 terms.” One invoice is for $30.00 and the other is for $45.00. I am looking to see if anyone has taken further action and what that action was that resulted in getting a payment from them? Thanks in advance for all of your help!

I have a closing from the end of December 2023 in the beginning of January 2024 and have not received payment although I have called and sent emails. I just received a response finally and it was a screenshot, saying if I don’t receive payment that I have to notify them that I have checked my spam folder for Payment through deluxe e-checks. it bothers me that they say to not Send an invoice But then, almost 3 months after payment is not received then we have to check our spam folder. That seems a little excessive.

I don’t know why anyone would want to accept signings for $25 or $30 anyhow. By the time I figure my mileage cost at the IRS rate, printing costs and a reasonable fee for my time printing, scanning, driving to and from the assignment and a trip to the FedEx location and back I feel I would be making less than minimum wage by accepting that small of an amount.

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Oh my gosh! I don’t believe it! With so many shady businesses out there, I feel like I have to investigate every single one before agreeing to do a job. Notary Dash was not one of them because it’s on so many people’s list of where to take jobs from! I just completed a job for them on April 10th, uploaded the documents and sent them an invoice. She had said it would be a 45 turnaround to receive payment which, I understand a lot of them do, but I still think that’s criminal, in itself. Anyway, no check arrived. I have been calling the woman who assigned it to me and emailing her since last week. She doesn’t even answer the business phone, return a call or an email. I’m truly sick of this industry, the low ball insulting offers and then this garbage on top of it. Why are we unable to do a class action lawsuit on these fraudsters? Someone please remind me why we cannot sue them for this, and they are allowed to continue to defraud more and more of us over the course of years? I’m quitting this industry. I hate the way it works. But I want to sue these people too.

@steph.bayer.925 Valid statement.

@steph.bayer.925 By any chance did she state “Calendar days” OR “Business days” during your initial call? There is a large difference between those 2 categorizations . . .

@steph.bayer.925 Many have the same perspective as yours; although, there are some (as one posted earlier this AM) that they gladly accept the “low ball insulting offers” . . .

@steph.bayer.925 I’ve never heard of not being able to sue for breach of contract or theft of real estate services. Your best bet is to reach out to an expert (a reputable collection agency) or a skilled attorney.

@steph.bayer.925 If you Search this forum for the term “class action” you’ll see there ARE already multiple class action lawsuits in progress in this regard.

Unfortunately, folks believe the spin that’s advanced by hucksters on YouTube about this business sector - selling their program without regard for whether their customers will ever see another dime or not . . .